To you who will watch over us

You found yourself there, in this place. You had your whole life ahead of you. That split second took it away from you, your life you’d barely lived , your life whose expiration date wasn’t supposed to come before many people’s lives. This split second would also temporarily confiscate that of all those who loved you, love you and will love you.

The brain of the Being human is not designed to want to let a child before his parents. It is designed to want to understand. We want to search, investigate the why and the how. Few of the times acceptance and resilience come straight out. These virtues are unfortunately the fruit of a long and painful mental effort, but which in many cases mark the only luminous sign, at the end of an often long and dark road .

There will be no answers to this famous why . You will have to follow the road until you can see this sign. But, there is a way to make the road less painful. Because despite your short stint here, you put smiles on faces and joy in hearts. Tons…

All these people you made so happy, their life wouldn’t have been the way it is today if you hadn’t shared it with them during these years.

These reflections are like little lanterns. From little lanterns that will light up along the dark road to those who have the strength to bring them into their  hearts .

So t oi whose watchful nou s now you have a damn job  to do up there. And we know you will do it , and you will do it well. You will have to fill all these hearts with a little love, strength and courage, from a distance this time , so that these little lanterns will light us up strong, very strong, until we reach the light panel. 

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