Top 7 comforting recipes to warm your heart

With recent temperatures , there’s no doubt that winter is here! And who says winter says: need comfort! Personally, in winter, I like to eat warm, bundled up in my blanket .  I like that, then I like to eat in general.  And p or me, comforting rhymes ave c soups, pastas and … sugar (it seems that gluttony is a bad thing. .. oupsi! ).  Today,  I wanted to share with you the recipes that I appreciate the most to fight the gloomy winter!

I have recipes that should satisfy everyone. On the program: hot and comforting dishes!

1. Onion soup

Let’s start with a good onion soup ! What could be better than a hot soup in front of your favorite Netflix program (or Disney + for eternal children like me)? To brown the soup, I use Oka cheese cut into slices like a raclette. Yum !  

2. The meat pie

What I also like to cook is meat pie .  I always mix two varieties of meats for maximum taste and a wonderful blend of flavors.  Seasoning plays an important role when I cook.  For the tourtière, I mainly use cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves to stay in the tradition.

3. The Croziflette

Winter wouldn’t be winter without … * drum rolls *… La Croziflette ! I can already see you making a face:  ”  La Croziflette ?” Do not know ! “ . I’ll help you out a bit. You must surely know the tartiflette ? E h bie n la Croziflette, it’s a bit like its cousin! Even p rinciple, but replaced e potatoes by Crozets (c e are small pasta square shape straight came from the Savoy). If you want local cheese, you can use the waterfowl or d u Kénogami to replace r the Roblochon.  Really, I recommend this 1000% recipe, pure happiness!

4. Mac and cheese and pancetta

However, I must admit that my favorite recipe is a very simple recipe: the cheese and pancetta marcaroni . V raiment, for me, a must  for any occasion! When it’s cold, when we did not like doing haute cuisine when you’re sad, when we are happy, when you are alone or even when one is more (which is rare at this time, j e’s agreement e ).

5. Sweet potato stuffed with lentils and kale

Among these recipes, I add something that I don’t eat a lot, but which I adore: the sweet potato stuffed with lentils and kale . It’s a totally vegan recipe! I found this recipe this fall while losing myself a bit on the internet and since then, I haven’t let go! Only four ingredients: sweet potato, lentils , kale and tomato pesto! Nothing could be simpler, delicious and comforting.

I couldn’t end this article without talking about dessert ! I hesitated for a long time then, not having been able to make a choice, I decided to present two of them to you!

6. The apple turnover

First, the apple turnover . This wonderful apple turnover that my grandmother made for me when I was little. I still remember the smell of hot apples wafting all over the house! This is a s uper recipe and easy to make with the kids, especially.

7. The pea brownie

And finally, my cute sin! A chocolate dessert! But p have any leque l , a brownie with peas . Yes Yes ! I assure you it’s really good! Mashed into a puree, the peas will mix well with the rest of the brownie batter and it will be even softer.

With these  recipes, you are sure to have a great winter! I do not know about you, but I, p alking of nourritur e always makes me happy and gives me even more desire to cook!

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