We adopt the Tao method, a healthy program for a light silhouette

Digestive work, which is called “digestive fire” in Chinese medicine, mobilizes a great deal of energy by calling on the stomach, which reduces the food ingested, then the spleen, which will distribute nutrients in the body. To facilitate this passage, we cut everything into small pieces: cylindrical for carrots, cucumber, leeks (lengthwise to respect the fibers), in sections for asparagus, at an angle of 1 to 2 cm for other vegetables, in cubes or in strips for meat, fish, shellfish, which also allows faster cooking and therefore less loss of vitamins. Note that if you chew your food for as long as possible, even when it is cut, it will be even more digestible once it is impregnated with salivary enzymes.                

We limit cold or raw dishes

Whether for vegetables, proteins or even desserts, raw, cold and ice cream tire the spleen. The same goes for raw cereals, whether they are grains, flour, flakes, and even sprouted seeds (very fashionable), they become indigestible. Consequences: we store fat and slow down weight loss, we get tired after meals, bloating and cravings for sweets.               

We calm the digestive fire

To trigger weight loss , it is therefore necessary to facilitate the “digestive fire”, or the process of digestion, by favoring so-called neutral cooking such as the blanching of raw vegetables: they are plunged, cut into strips, in boiling water, then they are removed as soon as the water starts to simmer again, which allows them to keep crunchy. Steaming is recommended, but not just any old fashioned way: “Food should not soak during cooking and the water should not exceed 1/3 of the height of the pan,” notes Anne Tran.      

Food balance the Tao way

We compose our plate with 40% cereals and 35% vegetables. Animal proteins (10 to 15%) are there to accompany the dish, and not the other way around. Finally, dried vegetables (5%), fruits (5%) and oils complete the meal in small portions. “Two evenings a week, we replace animal proteins with vegetable proteins such as chickpeas or lentils,” suggests Anne Tran. The rest of the time, we give pride of place to fish and tofu. The drop in calories leads to physical and mental fatigue. To keep up, you have to compensate with foods rich in iron: “Every two weeks, we compose our dishes with offal (such as candied gizzards, calf’s liver). »The seasoning – oil, vinegar, pepper, mustard, and especially spices and aromatic herbs -, by its stimulating properties,                

We limit the 100% complete

Beware of the excess of whole foods, indigestible for many of them. We will favor the semi-complete, which is often much better tolerated by our digestive system.               

We drink smoothly

“The body needs to be humidified regularly to eliminate toxins in the urine. To do this, we must drink 2 to 3 sips of water at each intake throughout the day, and not swallow liters at once. The amount does not matter, says the coach, an excess of fluids, especially cold, is a load that weakens the kidneys and the spleen. ”  

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