We need less fakes, less social media

Where have we become with all of our likes , our followers and our cell phone screens hanging from our faces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? It is said to bring us closer together and facilitate human contact. Yet I have the impression that what is happening is quite the opposite. If I tell you this is all a big lie. That our society has never been so disconnected. I’m not talking to you about being disconnected from social networks, but about being disconnected from each other. To be disconnected from this incredible world around us.

Explain to me why we have this constant need to look at this trinket that serves as a cell phone, every second of our life. All of this only serves to note, once again, that no one has written to us. Finding that the message you were waiting for will eventually never surface. Find out that you didn’t get the 100 likes you wanted on your new Instagram photo .

It creates untold numbers of false expectations for us.

About beauty, self-image. On love. Popularity. It creates needs within us that are not really needs. All because on social networks, we believe that other people’s lives are a thousand times better than ours. All because we now live in a society where mutual aid has become: a love equals a support. Where friendship comes down to a Facebook friend request .

We no longer live in the present moment, we just want to immortalize it with a photo. Without forgetting to add a small filter, of course. And change the background. To erase the two-three imperfections that we have on the face. To slim down. Grow up. To clarify the photo. Darken the photo. Contrast, colors, brightness, blur, clarity. And There you go. Only that. And hop on Instagram!

Honestly, people don’t care how perfect our life seems. It’s real that we need. Reality to finally fall back into reality. We take ourselves for a game of the Sims sapristi !!! I’m telling you, we have to disconnect to reconnect with each other. We must stop living in the lie of social networks. Because in the end, we don’t even bother to live anymore.

LIVE. This is exactly what we have completely stopped doing over the years. We only exist behind our screens, while thinking that the world is ours. But we haven’t understood yet. Not understood that this famous virtual world that we are creating for ourselves is slowly breaking down. Feeding us fakes. Feeding us this feeling of helplessness, that of wanting the impossible, which does not even exist.

We end up forgetting ourselves. And in the end, we don’t just forget who we really are behind all these filters. We also forget the beauty of the outside world, of nature, of complicity, of the truth, of the real. We must wake up now, because soon it will be too late.

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