What if my life was shown on the small screen?

What if my life was presented on the small screen and watched by thousands of spectators?

Sounds cool said the same, but I have such a flat life that there wouldn’t be much action or suspense. But hey, let’s say I had to script everything in addition to choosing who will have the chance to play my role, this is what this cinematic work would look like.

Just so you understand, I have no interesting stories or twists to share other than my many episodes of depression which are still present to this day. Whatever, 2018 is probably the worst year of my personal life, so it could be the spice in this rather familiar scenario. Living with Florence 24/7 be like , a beautiful title, isn’t it?

I love typical American teenage movies, so just to exaggerate it, I’d be playing the popular high school girl. I always wondered what my life would be like if I had been cool . A reason to be able to experience it in a certain way.

We all know that in autobiographical films, the writers add action in order to attract as many listeners as possible and, of course, to make a lot of money. If the protagonist’s life is “boring”, no one is going to want to go see the movie. It has to be appealing, because it’s not just a book. You need interesting content.

I would like to find music there, like the atmosphere of Pitch Perfect or Grease . I always find myself humming song lyrics, so this kind of movie is perfect for me.

Who will have the chance to reprise my role?

The choice of actress is quite easy regarding the main role. I am often told that I look like Natalia Dyer, famous for her portrayal of Nancy Wheeler in the American series Stranger Things . On the other hand, Irish star Saoirse Ronan could be an interesting candidate. Despite her strong accent, she would be able to imitate Quebec French with perfection. From what I know of her, I’m sure she will adapt. I have no idea if they have any singing talent, but it’s just a small detail. Otherwise of course if Anna Kendrick dyed her hair blonde she could easily be part of the cast.

To play Florence of the future, it will indeed be Cate Blanchett. Apparently I have similar traits. My uncle always told me that. Personally, I don’t quite agree, but she’s a celebrity that I admire and who has exceptional talent, so why not. She was impeccable in her role as Daisy in The Curious Benjamin Button Story .

Since I was with my mother at the time of writing this article, I took the opportunity to ask her who she would like to see in her role. Very quickly, she replied Anne Dorval. Ok, I understand the link. My mom is funny and Anne is perfect for that, but I more wanted her to pick an American to be thematic. She therefore opted for Laura Dern or Reese Whiterspoon. No striking physical resemblance, but a remarkable choice to accompany Miss Dyer or Ronan.

I try hard to find actresses for the roles of my two sisters, but it is not an easy decision. Emma Watson? Hailee Steinfeld? Emilia Clarke? Maisie Williams? To have!

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