What to put in your smoothie to make it a nutritious drink?

A smoothie is the perfect drink to accompany your lunch or afternoon snack. It’s easy to prepare and it’s even easier to give it any taste you want. I’m writing this article to share with you my magic ingredients to successfully create the perfect nutritious smoothie.

Chia, flax or hemp seeds

Virtually tasteless, chia, flax, or hemp seeds are great additions to your smoothie. Even that I would add by saying that, in my opinion, they are essential. They are good sources of fiber for digestion, protein, vitamins, minerals and important fatty acids such as omega-3. I invite you to read about their benefits to understand why they are so interesting.

For an optimal mixture, it is preferable to buy some previously ground, or to grind them by yourself before adding them to the rest (especially with regard to flaxseed which is very difficult to digest in its entire form). In this way, we avoid the small crunch that can make the texture less pleasant.

Beans or tofu

Beans are rich in vitamins and minerals. In particular, they contain a large amount of iron. Plus, they can provide you with protein and fiber. It is possible to eat them raw. So you just have to open a can and rinse them well under water. However, the taste of the beans is more difficult to camouflage. I suggest that you transfer your can into a jar to put in the refrigerator, in which you can serve yourself every morning taking the desired dose. Start with a smaller portion to get used to it. Adding beans is all the more relevant for people with a vegetarian or vegan diet. Some even go there for the addition of silky tofu. These ingredients help make the smoothie a more complete drink.

Fruits and vegetables

Obviously, I am not surprising anyone by saying that a good smoothie incorporates fruits and vegetables into its recipe. And, really, don’t be shy to put some on. Almost anything can work. Do you think carrots are too hard to drink? Think again. Are you told that green juice is worse? It’s wrong. Add spinach to your mixture to take advantage of its rich iron content, its antioxidant power, its fiber and its large amount of vitamins and minerals. Do you remember hearing somewhere that the skin of a kiwi is edible and contains many fibers and nutrients, but you still don’t dare to bite directly into the hairy peel of this exotic fruit? The smoothie offers you the perfect opportunity. Remember to rinse the kiwi before adding it, just like you would with any other fruit.

To make your drink truly refreshing, consider getting some frozen fruit! Otherwise, if you feel that some of your fruits and vegetables are about to lose their freshness that once made them so appetizing, hurry and freeze them! You can consume them in your smoothie, and thus avoid food waste!


Finally, to help you turn your solid foods into a delicious drink, you will inevitably need a liquid: water, juice, vegetable milk, whatever, it’s up to you!

What else to do?

The trick is to try and eat foods that give you different nutrients and also vary from what you will eat during your day. Take the opportunity to slip in foods that you may like a little less. Their flavors, mixed with the rest, will become almost imperceptible.

Finally, if you decide to make your mixture into a bowl of smoothie to enjoy, then add granola, nuts, fruit or whole pumpkin seeds, for example.

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