When radiator and smartphone go hand in hand

What if the smartphone became your ally to increase the comfort of the home? Thanks to the new features, it now allows you to manage your different radiators remotely or to control it by voice. You can not stop progress !

Controlling your heating via your smartphone … It’s now possible. And it is certain, you will gain in comfort and generate energy savings. And that just by combining your mobile, a new generation radiator and computer equipment. Once the Cozytouch bridge is connected to your Internet box and the free Thermor Cozytouch application has been downloaded, head to your personalized page. Thanks to the very intuitive and easy-to-access application, it is easy to use the various features offered … 

Program your heating with your smartphone

Thanks to the free Thermor Cozytouch app , it’s easy to program and the radiator that adapts to your lifestyle and your needs. You can set up your own heating scenarios, which turns off in the morning at 9 a.m. when the household is empty and which goes off at 6 p.m. when you come home, every day or just every other day.  

You can also carefully determine the desired temperature, for a nest that is always cozy, or activate the presence detection and open or closed window functions to avoid unnecessary heating. And that’s not all, in two clicks, you manage the unforeseen. Forgot to turn off the heating before leaving for the weekend? The error is quickly repaired remotely via your smartphone.  

Finally, with radiators equipped with auto mode, switch to automatic piloting! Programming, contingency management, detection of open windows … Thanks to its integrated sensors, the radiator does everything on its own!  

Follow your consumption, from your mobile

Really practical, the budget tracking function is available on the Thermor Cozytouch application. Objective, to view your heating consumption in real time from your smartphone, in euros and room by room. The best way to optimize your energy consumption and a function greatly appreciated by users because according to a study conducted by Thermor among 1,700 Thermor Cozytouch users, 43.05% of respondents use the budget monitoring function and 85.76% of between them believe they have saved energy thanks to it … 

Pair your radiators to synchronize the heating

Thanks to the synchronized radiators function offered by Thermor, it is possible to pair all of its radiators in the house. This function accessible only on connected models consists of connecting all the radiators which will then communicate with each other. Up to 20 radiators can be controlled in this way in 10 rooms of the house.  

Kitchen, parents’ room, you get a list of the rooms in the house on your mobile and can control all your equipment remotely. For example, if one of them detects an open window, it communicates the information to the other radiators in the room or the house, and all of them temporarily go to sleep to save energy.  

The Google Assistant, difficult to make simpler

New feature of connected radiators, some models like Equateur 4 or Mythik are compatible with the Google Assistant. To benefit from this, your smartphone, in addition to the Thermor Cozytouch application, must be equipped with the Google Assistant (iOS or Android). Once your Cozytouch account and your Google account are linked together, you don’t have to do anything … except talk! 

‘Ok Google, turn up the heat to 20 degrees’. ‘OK Google, turn off the heat’. ‘OK Google, what’s the temperature in the room?’ You speak and the Google Assistant responds to inform you that your orders have been taken into account by your devices. Practical, easy and really comfortable to control your heating without moving from your sofa … 

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