Why curlers aren’t just for grannies

If for some it is associated with a slightly old-fashioned image of our grandmother getting ready in the bathroom, the curler is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, this hair accessory is back on the front of the beauty scene and has even improved to offer us even more volume and Hollywood waves. We take stock of the different curlers and the best way to use them with Jérôme, hair expert at Coloré par Rodolphe.


The curler is simply a roller that you put in your hair after washing it in order to obtain a voluminous and more or less curly hairstyle. “The curler is used to give shape (waves, curls, etc.) and volume to the hair. Applied during a brushing , it is ideal for fixing the movement and giving volume at the root to fine hair, ”explains Jérôme, hair expert at Coloré par Rodolphe. Of course, we do not generally apply a single curler but several, all over the hair. 


There are many kinds of curlers. The principle is always the same: to make separations then to pose the curlers on the point by rolling it up to finish by fixing it at the root. Besides heated curlers and foam curlers, others should be applied to wet or damp hair and removed when the hair is completely dry. For those in a hurry, it is possible to use a hair dryer to speed up the drying time, but it is better to keep them for at least an hour.

For a more natural result, we recommend winding strands inward and others outward for a curl that looks less worked.


Regarding the size, you should know that the bigger the roller the more the hair will be wavy, wavy. Conversely, the smaller the diameter, the tighter the loops will be. But on long hair , we recommend large curlers so as not to spend hours on the exposure time!


The classics: They are made of tulle and are fixed with a plastic or metal spike. “It’s ideal for styling damp hair and dried under a helmet,” says our hair expert. The process is quite long and the result classic. 

The scratch: These velcro rollers, often pink, are the most famous version of curlers. Their advantage? Their ease of use, especially on short hair. Disadvantage ? They can pull the hair when removing it. “We use them on dry hair during brushing to cool the locks and we fix them with flat pliers,” advises Jérôme.

The anti-bacterial plastic curler: Same principle as the scratch, these rollers are more recommended for weakened hair because they grip less.

The foam curler: They are used on dry hair in the evening. These are the best curlers to leave on overnight under a charlotte (sexy effect not guaranteed) because they are soft and less traumatic for the hair fiber. During sleep, if you move your head, you will have much less pain. 

The heating curler: It is the essential ally of women who like brushings with beautiful waves towards the ends. Easy to apply, they are put on dry hair for 10 to 15 minutes (always check the instructions for use). We let them pose much less time than on the other models. And we remove them afterwards. As they work with heat, this is arguably the most impressive result of all. But a bit like before using a curling iron, a protective serum is applied so as not to damage the hair.

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