You know you have strong thighs when

Thick thighs save lives ! Damn she thicc ! Thunder thighs ! North American popular culture keeps reinventing expressions to refer to women with pronounced curves, including at the level of the thighs. Having big thighs is a way of life. For the best or for the worst. Here are some situations that women with big thighs know all too well.

1. The thighs that rub

To have the skin of the thighs which rubs, especially during the summer, it is HORROR! Putting on shorts, a skirt, or a dress and hoping you don’t end up with hellish rubbish all day long is an FBI-worthy operation. Some even go so far as to arm themselves with talcum powder, cycling shorts, petroleum jelly, anti-friction cream or lubricant specially designed for the thighs. Not to mention the irritated skin after a heat wave …

2. The science of shorts and short skirts

For those who have not given up on the idea of ​​wearing short shorts or mini skirts, wearing these clothes in a comfortable way, without risking a sartorial incident, is a science in itself. Shorts that are too short constantly come up, causing the phenomenon of “annoying and persistent shorts down”. Fabrics that are too thick like denim tend to irritate the skin, while fabrics that are too light like those in sports shorts could reveal something other than our athletic side. To wear or not to wear? That is the question.

3. Leggings are our best friends

While shorts and mini skirts take us through dangerous terrain, the good old leggings come to our rescue on their white horse Reliable and comfortable, they slip on like a pair of made-to-measure gloves.

4. Shopping for jeans becomes a real headache

Another science for those with thick thighs to master is finding a pair of jeans that are compatible with your entire figure. The ideal pair of jeans is not too tight at the level of the thighs, not too big at the level of the waist (to avoid the famous space at the lower back), not too long at the level of the legs and which makes a beautiful fart . Have you found one? Not me.

5. Pants torn between the thighs

If by some miracle we end up finding a nice comfortable pair of jeans that fit us, there is a good chance that it will end up with holes and tears on the inside of the thighs. Be damn rubbed and rubbed!

6. The dance to get into the pants and put them back in place

The decisive moment when the pants stop fitting easily to the thighs… HOP! HOP! Go home! ( Two hours later…) We grab the pants by the hem to pull them up now, then 30 minutes later, then another 30 minutes later…

7. A safety net for the cell phone in the toilet

The thick thighs form a more watertight and secure wall than Trump’s to prevent accidental dropping of the cell phone in the toilet. No need to take out the rice bag.

8. Secretly dreaming that our thighs are not touching

We have all imagined ourselves in a parallel world where we have a thigh gap  and where the word “friction” is no longer part of our vocabulary.

9. Getting revenge by the thighs

The lethal weapon of women with big thighs is that they can threaten someone with crushing their skull like a watermelon with their thighs if they continue to annoy them.

10. Be proud of your thighs!

Sometimes we love them, sometimes we hate them. We would like to change them, strengthen them, slim them, strengthen them… However, strong thighs are the very proof of a femininity assumed and inherited from strong women from generation to generation. Be proud of your curves and your thighs!

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