10 king pancakes to savor to start the year off right

Epiphany is just around the corner and it’s time to choose your galette des rois. For gourmets looking for the best dessert, we have concocted a selection of 10 exceptional pancakes. The greatest pastry chefs redouble their imagination and know-how, there is something for everyone! So who will get the bean?

111 shades of hazelnuts at the Hotel Lutetia

Galette by Nicolas Guercio at the Hotel Lutetia

© Lutetia Paris Rive Gauche – Galette by Nicolas Guercio at the Hotel Lutetia

The marriage of techniques between the classic frangipane and the vol-au-vent proposed by the pastry chef of the Hotel Lutetia Nicolas Guercio offers a pancake with a unique texture. Nicknamed by the chef himself the pancake with “111 nuances of hazelnuts”, we find in this creation the desire to preserve the taste and texture of a classic frangipane, while working the central product to the maximum. Mission accomplished with this galette and its hazelnut cream, its praline hazelnut duja and its streusel sprinkled with hazelnut.

100% chestnut with Meurice

Cédric Grolet's 100% chestnut pancake at Le Meurice, in Paris.

© Le Meurice – The 100% chestnut cake from Cédric Grolet at Le Meurice, in Paris.

Are you a fan of chestnuts? Then this cake is made for you! The famous pastry chef Cédric Grolet is no exception to his habit of working with seasonal products and this year offers a 100% chestnut galette des rois, right down to the bean! It is at the heart of a generous flaky brioche that we discover a melting cream of roasted chestnuts, truffled with pieces of candied chestnuts. What could be better than chestnuts to prolong the magic of Christmas?

Frosted flavors at La Glacerie Paris

David Wesmaël's galette at the Paris Glacerie

© Thierry Malty – David Wesmaël’s galette at the Paris Glacerie

This year, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France David Wesmaël, creator of La Glacerie Paris, offers us a galette des rois under the sign of wonder. This creation with a modern and original design takes the form of an iced crown of kings with flavors of almond, chocolate and Corsican clementine, all coated with orange blossom ice cream and caramelized almonds. The classic galette has been completely revisited to make way for a dessert that is both gourmet and whimsical.

Celestial Faeries by Pierre Hermé

The Ispahan galette, the Infiniment Almond galette and the Orpheo brioche

© Laurent Fau – The Ispahan galette, the Infiniment Almond galette and the Orpheo brioche

For Epiphany, Pierre Hermé continues his collaboration with the artist Philippe Baudelocque on the theme of “Celestial Fééries” . They offer us several cakes: the Jardin galettede l’Atlas, a version of the macaroon of the same name available in a cake with scents of lemon, orange blossom and honey; the Infiniment Almond galette, a reinterpretation of the traditional dessert of kings or the Ispahan galette, in which we find the flavors of rose, lychee and raspberry mixed with almond cream. Without forgetting the Brioche des Rois Orpheo, an atypical creation with a melting chocolate cream, a crispy praline and pieces of hazelnuts.

Grand Cru and frangipane at Edwart Chocolatier x Carl Marletti

La galette des Rois by Edwart Chocolatier x Carl Marletti

© Emilie Franzo – La galette des Rois by Edwart Chocolatier x Carl Marletti

For our greatest pleasure, Edwart combines his chocolate expertise with that of pastry chef Carl Marletti. Together, the Parisian professionals have created a unique pure butter pancake in a square format, in which we find a frangipane that blends wonderfully with a hazelnut praline and Grand Cru Edwart “Le Grain” milk chocolate. And to give it a little crunch, we add roasted hazelnuts and nougatine. Respect for the codes of traditional pancakes, while adding a little touch of fantasy!

Bec salé at Maison Vérot

The galette from Maison Vernot

© Lucie Sassiat – The galette from Maison Vernot

Whether you are more sweet or savory, this year there is something for everyone! After its success last year, the savory galette des rois from Maison Vérot is back. Composed of pork and foie gras stuffing, and pure butter puff pastry, golden and crisp, it is out of the ordinary. This is enough to arouse curiosity and delight the palate of savory appetizers.

Chocolate or chestnuts at La Grande Épicerie de Paris

Madagascan almond and chocolate cake

© Grande Épicerie de Paris – Galette with almonds and chocolate from Madagascar

The pastry chefs and bakers of the Grande Épicerie de Paris have put the small dishes in the big ones to offer you two cakes that are both aesthetic and delicious. The almond and chocolate galette from Madagascar is garnished with an almond and chocolate cream. That with pear and chestnuts reveals a cream of almonds with tonka bean sprinkled with thinly sliced ​​pears and chestnuts in syrup. We leave you the heavy task of deciding between them …

Frangipane tradition at Thierry Marx Bakery

The Kings cake from Thierry Marx pastry shop

© Media Social Food – The King’s cake from Thierry Marx pastry shop

At Thierry Marx, we stick to traditions. For the Epiphany, it is therefore a classic pancake, but full of flavors, which is offered with a crisp and airy puff pastry and a melting frangipane made from custard and almond cream. And a little extra surprise: in each pancake hide two broad beans. This should delight the little ones … as well as the older ones!

Terroir and symbols at Pierre Chauvet

Galette des Rois Blueberry and Walnuts

© Pierre Chauvet artisan chocolatier glacier pâtissier – La galette des Rois Myrtille et Noix de Grenoble

At the heart of a melting frangipane and crispy puff pastry, Pierre Chauvet highlights walnuts, accompanied by blueberries from the Ardèche plateau. A galette des rois with flavors from France, which wants to pay homage to its terroir. This dessert also tells a story, with its representation of the tree and its fruits, symbol of the earth, of life and of renewal.

Family tradition at Maison Bretteau

King Cake with marzipan

© Maison Bretteau – Galette des Rois with frangipane

Respect for craftsmanship, seasons and products are essential values ​​for the Bretteau family house. And you can feel it in their cake. Almonds mixed every day for a gourmet frangipane, a puff pastry rich in “Montaigu” AOP Charentes-Poitou butter, collector beans from a drawing competition. All in a galette des rois that wants to honor traditions. A great promise from this Parisian bakery and pastry shop.

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