5 things to do to cure boredom

When we don’t know what to do, we prefer to do nothing. However, we know that we could do a thousand and one things, but we have to believe that staying in bed scrolling through your Instagram account is boring.

I say that, but I can easily spend an hour watching TikTok videos without ever wanting to stop. It’s so entertaining!

For people who are used to ALWAYS doing something, doing nothing can seem like bliss. For others, total boredom is BORING at the end of the day and it’s the complete opposite of productivity. As for me, doing nothing is part of my daily life… something that I shouldn’t be proud of, I know that, but hey.

So in these times of confinement, I offer you a small list of things to do to pass the time and which will do you good!

Do housework

The list starts off with a bang, I know (laughs). Honestly, I hate cleaning, but when it comes to cleaning my room, I always end up enjoying it. It takes me twice the time because rummaging through my boxes, I always find memories and useless little things that I keep just because it makes me nostalgic. Either way, cleaning up with music is motivating and more enjoyable.

Write in a journal

You may not have known it, but writing your thoughts in a journal is all the rage. It may sound cheesy, but putting your feelings down on paper helps. Only 10-15 minutes a day is sufficient. You’ll feel a little better, I’m sure. If you’re an anxious person like me, this little time for you shouldn’t be overlooked.

Get some physical activity

Instead of lying around on your couch staring at your cell phone screen, why not work your cardio and muscles a little? Personally, I have a hard time working out a bit, but once I’m dressed and ready to go on my treadmill, my motivation is at its peak. Even a short 20 minute walk to ventilate your brain is a good thing to do, more than once a week.

To learn new things

Whether it’s a new language, an instrument, new hairstyles, educating yourself is the key to overcoming boredom. Recently, I got back to playing the piano because I wanted to learn a new piece and do something in my spare time other than being on my cell phone. Make your brain work a little bit! And what about open-mindedness. People love it to meet new people who have a thirst for learning.

play piano

Update your CV

This is the kind of task that you say to yourself “Ah, I’m gonna do this later” and end up NEVER do. Updating your CV should fall into that category. I understand that if you’ve been in the same job for a long time, you might think you don’t have to make any changes. On the contrary, nowadays, the CV is important. If your CV was done on Word in a table, as a PR professional, I suggest you do it again. I suggest Canva. It’s very easy to use and you don’t have to spend money to use it. A clean and aesthetically pleasing CV will catch the eye of future employers.

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