7 series to see the country without moving

If you can’t travel as much as you want right now, you can escape behind the small screen! With a tap of the remote control, you walk around France without moving from your sofa. Through our selection of 7 flagship series, embark for Paris, Marseille, Montpellier, Sète and even Dunkirk.

Paris: “Ten percent”

This is one of the most popular series of recent years, even at the international level since it was nominated for the International Emmy Awards in 2016. Shot in Paris , “Dix pour cent” tells with delight and humor the daily life of ‘an artistic agency of actors. The bonus: an ultra-famous actor plays his own role in each episode, often with a lot of self-mockery! Between colorful characters, dreamy sets and impeccable casting, we have a great time. Its fourth (and final?) Season airs this fall.

Marseille: “More beautiful life”

After Paris, direction Marseille, where one of the most popular series in France has been filmed since 2004: “Plus Belle la vie”! Broadcast daily from Monday to Friday, it depicts the daily life of the inhabitants of a fictitious district of the city, Le Mistral. Its particularity is to tell the events of the day of the broadcast. If a majority of the images are shot in the studio, the Mistral district where the action is located is very similar to that of Le Panier. From the point of view of the exterior decorations, we find the Parc Borély, the Gare Saint-Charles, the Palais du Pharo and the Fort Saint-Jean. A nod to the 13 corners bar, in the 2nd arrondissement, which looks a lot like the famous “Le Mistral” bar … The circle is complete.

Montpellier: “Such a great sun”

Let’s stay in the south with the series “Un si grand soleil”, broadcast since August 2018 on France 2. It tells the daily life of several characters, including Claire, who returns to Montpellier after 17 years of absence in order to discover her city native to her teenage son. Suspense, drama and romance await you! Many outdoor scenes are shot in Montpellier (place de la comédie, Corum, etc.), at La Grande Motte, at Palavas-les-Flots or even at Pic Saint Loup. The opportunity to see the country or find inspiration for a future stay!

Sète: “Tomorrow belongs to us”, “Candice Renoir” and “Askip”

In Sète , not far from there, there are no less than 3 series shot in recent years. Since 2017, “Tomorrow belongs to us” has taken up the codes of successful soap operas by mixing family comedy, romance, suspense and thriller. It calls on many already recognized French actors such as Ingrid Chauvin, Vanessa Demouy or Lorie Pester. Its strong point: many scenes are shot in a natural setting!

Since 2013, the “Candice Renoir” series narrates the adventures of a mother of a police commissioner.

Very recently, it is the short format program “Askip” which took over the Jolliot-Curie high school in Sète to stage the daily life and questions of a group of adolescents.

Hauts-de-France: “Baron Noir”

In a completely different style, the “Baron Noir” series highlights the heritage of Hauts-de-France, with part of the plot shot in Dunkirk. Some scenes were also filmed in nearby towns, in Roubaix , Marcq-en-Barœul, on the beach of Malo-les-Bains and even in the prefecture of Lille.

Appreciated internationally, “Baron Noir” lifts the veil on complex political intrigues and shows the rise of a deputy mayor of the Socialist Party in the race for the presidential election. Kad Merad had already illustrated himself in 2008 in a successful film shot in the region: “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis” where he held, this time, a comic role.

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