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8 New Cool Amazing Android Games You Must Play

Hey guys, I’m Suresh from, and as a fish mentioned in our last article. So after that article and some Android apps. I’m here to show you some fresh new Android games. You guys should check out in 2020. trust me when I say that almost every single game on this list is super exciting. And yeah, they’re all free, so Read this Article till the end. 

1. Cookies Must Die

Cookies must die the first game on this list, and it’s my personal favorite because it’s exciting and addictive. In this game, your mission is simple, destroy all the cookies, which is also my favorite pastime anything. Anyway, destroy all the cookies before they kill you and take over the world. The game has enjoyable mechanics, and you use swipe gestures to control your character dodge bullets and bombs as you take out enemies using weapons power-ups or just by hitting them directly.

The fast-paced gameplay amazing animations and the excellent soundtrack make this game super fun to play. As you play, more you can unlock new weapons and power-ups and leave me, you will need those for the boss fights, which can be challenging. overall though cookies must die is a great game that you should check out.

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2. Grand Mountain Adventure

 Grand Mountain Adventure isn’t exactly a new game. It was launched back in early 2019. but the game has fantastic visuals, and it’s quite easy to play. Honestly, I couldn’t resist putting this on the list purely because it looks so good. You will be snowboarding in this game, and with easy controls, some fantastic animations, and artwork, this game looks beautiful.

Plus, it’s almost like an open-world game, and you can view the whole map and snowboard to whichever place you want, or you know if you’re lazy like me, take a trolley right to a peak and start snowboarding from there. There are many challenges to complete, including time trials and more, which then unlock more of the map. It’s a fun game for sure, and if you’re a fan of snowboarding or games that look stunning, you should play in this one.

3. Golf Mania

I love casual golfing games. I think they are enjoyable, which is something a lot of my friends don’t agree with. But whatever this one is a great casual golf game which pits you against a bunch of random players on the Internet. There are two types of games. If one is, it typically gets the ball in the hole using the least number of shots.

The other is a race mode where you can take as many shots as you like, but you have to be the first to get the ball into the hole. The game is in early access, so a bunch of its features will be added soon. Such as unlocking new clubs with better stats and stuff like that. Even now, this is a game I enjoyed playing, and I think you will do so check it out.

4. johnny trigger

 Don’t you love slow-moves in video games? That I do, and that’s precisely why Johnny trigger is on this list. It’s a super cool game with a straightforward concept. Your character Johnny trigger runs automatically and performs cool-looking stunts mid-air to aim at enemies. And all you have to do is tap at the right time to make sure the enemy is dead. Now and then, there will be hostages that you have to avoid shooting or losing the game.

And there are other fun things like exploding barrels and gas containers that will let you fill multiple enemies in one shot. You can also unlock new weapons and skins as you progress in the game to make it even more fun. so if you’ve ever imagined yourself as John wick or James Bond go ahead and check this out 

5. one Man

 I won’t recommend starting a street fight with infinite enemies in real life. It’s fun when it happens in a game. Especially when the game is as easy to play as one master. Don’t get me wrong it may be an easy game to play; it’s a difficult one to master. All you have to do is tap on the left or right side of the screen, depending on which side enemies are coming.

One wrong tap, and you will be knocked out. Look, man; you started this fight because someone made you drop your food. There’s no time to back down. Now just kidding, but the point is this is an entertaining game, and I think you guys will love it.

6. Roll A Ball

next up is a game that will test your reflexes and your patience. Roll A ball looks very simple, but it’s the exact opposite true story. I saw this game, and I thought no one would like such a simple game, but then I played it anyway. So basically, you have to roll this ball from one platform on to another, making sure that it doesn’t fall off the platforms using simple gestures. Now I have been playing this game for two days straight, and my high score is 3., so yeah, it is challenging.

However, somehow it’s still addicted, but let me warn you right now this game is not for people who get easily frustrated. I would recommend using a significant case on your phone because you will throw your phone out of Frustration. Here yeah, but check the game out.

7. Tennis Clash

tennis clash is another fantastic game for anyone who loves casual sports games. The game pits you against random players on the Internet in a one-on-one tennis match, and well, it’s super fun. The controls are easy but become challenging, and there are a considerable number of upgrades to enhance your player’s skills, and these ensure that the game remains fresh and fun to play. You can choose your playing style whether you like playing volleys like me.

Over there, you like playing aggressively from the end of the code like the page. There are some beautiful animations here, and I have spent hours and hours playing this game trying to master. If you’re a sports fan and you’re looking for a casual sports game, you will love tennis clash. 

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8. Pico Tanks

I’m all for multiplayer action games, and I love cutesy graphics, and Pico Tanks merges the two to create a friendly match. It’s a multiplayer game with 3v3 battles in-game modes like Team Deathmatch and capture the flag. I like that the control scheme is pretty simple to understand, and as you play for longer, you can unlock better weapons and upgrades as well. You can also add friends and team up with them in a squad for a better experience.

I like playing team deathmatch, but unfortunately, you can’t choose the game-mode you’re thrown in. I hope that feature is that soon, but still, if you are into multiplayer action games, you will probably like it.

 Well, those were some cool new Android games that I think you guys should play. Like I said earlier, all of these games are free. So which game is your favorite, let me know in the comments also give this article like and share it with your friends. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next one.


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