A book that pushes you into the arms of happiness

Written by the humorist and poutine gourmand, Pierre-Luc Racine, How to let go of your bouette job and (try to) live your dreams appeared in bookstores on May 12th. Published by the Montreal publishing house  KO – Éditions , this 232-page autobiographical book is the result of a risky bet to let go of everything in order to find happiness. 

By letting go of his work as an actuary to become a comedian, Pierre-Luc Racine undertook a major challenge. Even so, he won the prize for finally being happy doing what he loves most: writing jokes and making people laugh. Since the release of his book, his success has reached the stars. In his book, he shares great advice to help others take the leap.

It’s a great read for those new to themselves or for people who don’t feel out of place at work, and who don’t have the guts to take the first step and leave everything, including their comfort and benefits. , to embark on the unknown. 

It is with touches of humor, facts from his life and precious advice that Pierre-Luc Racine teaches us the lesson, in my opinion, the most important: to do EVERYTHING in our power to be happy instead of staying in our misfortune.

From start to finish, you will surely stop at certain passages to question yourself about your personal and professional journey. Maybe you will apply one of the many tips given by the author. Or will you just realize that you have succeeded in achieving your dreams to be happy and this book will be an additional tool for the next stage of your life.

From my point of view, I laughed a lot at anecdotes. I shed a tear on some passages. And I often questioned myself to finally tell myself that I am proud of the results of what I undertake and of all that I have accomplished to continue in the next steps, such as undertaking university studies. A book that has both a comforting effect and a punch effect to question whether we are happy or not.

“Life is a journey that can stop at any time. Hence the importance of not messing around with her. If you are in a situation that you do not like, you should try to get out of it immediately and not put off your thoughts until later. “

– Pierre-Luc Racine in How to let go of your mud job and (try to) live your dreams.

When we often wonder about ourselves, when our passion is no longer there or when the daily grind weighs on us, we must remedy it as soon as possible. It is not a life to be in a golden prison when the real freedom is to be fulfilled and to display a smile to declare that we are happy in our accomplishments.

In short, How to let go of your dirty job and (try to) live your dreams is a precious tool for all readers. For one of the authors of the 3 Bières podcast , Pierre-Luc Racine has successfully shown that a big change can lead to our happiness. 

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