A Christmas decoration for a sublime interior

To celebrate Christmas as it should, we do not ignore the decoration of its interior; and we even play it magical, now is the time! Candles with a woody or spicy scent, delicate light garlands with filament or origami version, chewable or copper-colored Christmas balls, sparkling festive table decoration or with muted colors, Christmas tree revisited with tree branches in a vase or hung on the wall with masking tape, DIY centerpiece … We also think of decorating your exterior, window sill or balcony railing! In any case, we do not miss the authentic, bohemian and natural trends for the 2020 Christmas decor! Read more

After a very eventful year, Christmas 2020 sounds like a return to basics. The renewed interest in traditional values ​​is reassuring, encouraging us to savor precious moments with the family, to perpetuate customs. As December 25 approaches, everyone begins to think about decorating their home for the holidays. Let it be said, we will not ignore the essentials – on the contrary – such as the Christmas tree, the traditional wreath, the Advent calendar or even the typical ornaments of this celebration. But this year, if these great Christmas classics continue, they are revisited through beautiful DIY ideas to reproduce at home. For example, the branches of the fir tree are exchanged for those of the eucalyptus which brings a breath of freshness to the decoration;

The tree remains for many of us the ultimate symbol of the end of the year celebrations. The natural versions have the advantage of distilling a sweet scent in the house, but must be changed every Christmas. On the contrary, artificial trees can last for many years without getting damaged – up to 30 years for the most robust. An economic advantage to which can be added some pretty aesthetic prowess. Bluffing imitation of Nordmann or snowy spruce, tinted entirely in white or fashioned in wood, there is no shortage of variations. Its installation, at the end of November for the most impatient and around December 20 for the latecomers, signals the beginning of the festivities and traditional folklore.

The end of the year celebrations are a great opportunity to adopt bright decorations all over the house. As Christmas approaches, we invite a few tealights and LED candles on the coffee table in the living room or on the windowsill. The stars, inseparable from this festive period, are now available in the form of garlands and suspensions that are good to find right on the doorstep – there is no longer any question of confining the decorations to the Christmas tree. All the rooms in the interior light up on contact with these small objects, to the delight of the inhabitants.

[Pinterest inspiration] The holiday season, the show is putting on its 31st for a cheerful, even magical atmosphere. Cocooning atmosphere, traditional or more neutral colors, light garlands, fir branches, DIY decor … Accessories and decorative objects spread the magic of Christmas into the living room. Côté Maison makes you discover more than 10 salons with top Christmas decor!

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