A little pat on the back please?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have the impression that, in general, humans are more drawn to denigration than to compliment.

The most glaring current example: with the arrival of Facebook, Instagram and company, people are no longer shy about expressing their opinion. And this, to the detriment of all those people who receive insults from cyber bullies well hidden behind their screens.

But beyond this extreme problem related to social media, I simply find that humans do not have the easy compliment. Be careful here, I do not put ALL humans in the same basket. I speak in general and according to what I see around me.

I notice that we have a natural tendency to judge and sometimes even to belittle others. To recover, no doubt, because self-esteem is often fragile for many of us (I include myself in that). But honestly, giving love around you feels so much more good.

In the workplace, I consider the pat on the back to be all the more important. Because I don’t know about you, but personally, what motivates me to get up in the morning is when I feel that I am making a real difference around me. This is really my source of motivation.

In other words, to have the impression that I am just one number among many others and that I am not bringing anything special, that does not interest me. I need to feel valued. Unfortunately, few managers will actually take the time to recognize their employees’ achievements. I know some, sure too, but I have the impression that there are very few. Very often, since life goes so fast, they will prefer to invest their time and energy in solving problems, advising that such and such a thing was done badly, etc. It’s a shame, because valuation often equals motivation.

In life, I am a graphic designer and a web designer. Let it be understood, I don’t need to hear every day that I am good and that my work is magnificent. Most of the time (but not always because I’m human, sensitive, and flawed) I’m quite aware of my skills and what I’m worth in my field. But every time I get compliments, it really feels really good. And most of all, it reminds me of why I do what I do.

In life I often repeat this: “treat others as you would like to be treated”. This is why personally, I have always had easy compliments towards others. Because I find it important. And that I know how much of a difference it can make in a day.

Moreover, I would like to take this opportunity today to give a solid pat on the back to all those I love with love.

My friends: you are so different from each other, but all so beautiful and unique. Thank you for listening to me and clearing my mind when I need to, thank you for letting me be who I am, thank you for being all so funny and human. I like You.

My family: my precious roots. Each moment spent in your company refreshes me, reminds me of where I come from. Our discussions, our laughter, always do me a lot of good. My family, I love it and I am proud to be a part of it.

My lover: my dear boyfriend who is so dear to me. Thank you for accepting me in full, with my beautiful cocktail of hypersensitivity, susceptibility and big questions about everything and nothing. I admire your calm temperament, so contrary to mine! You weather every storm with a lot of coolness, positivism and zenitude and calmly, you help me too let go of what I cannot control. Thank you I love you.

To all of you, my loved ones, thank you for inspiring me and helping me become the best version of myself.

And finally, a pat on the back for you, dear reader: know that you are unique, exceptional and that you deserve all the happiness in the world.

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