A perfect show to learn more about Drag Queens

Have you listened to all your shows on Netflix? V ou are short of inspiration for choosing your next viewing? I have the solution for you!  RuPaul’s Drag Race is the perfect show to get you off the hook and learn about a whole new world. If the world of Drag has always piqued your curiosity, this show is for you. It is presented in the form of a competition, where participants compete against each other during different types of challenges where the winners are protected by immunity during the elimination ceremony.

This series mainly demonstrates the performance side of Drag as well as the spectacle side of it. It allows participants to stand out in events and in various fields which confirm their potential as well as their versatility. These challenges make it possible to determine the strengths as well as the weaknesses of each. Some are then confronted with great moments of discomfort since they are not used to being taken out of their comfort zone.

The tests vary in several skill fields. Dance, sewing, singing , improvisation, the acting , the makeup and more. Each year , the formula is reinvented by adding challenges as well as additional prizes. The participating Drag Queens especially benefit from making themselves known to a large audience. It is quite impressive to see them take on some challenges , in such a short period of time.

Often, on social networks, it is the end product that is presented. You don’t see the effort or the process to get there. This series therefore allows you to discover a little more about the undersides of this preparation. She also shows us different types of Drags , because contrary to what people might imagine, there are several categories. Some will be added to the current years, since this phenomenon has taken an expansion considerable abreast of years, gaining in popularity with the public. The show is now in its 13th season, only for the US version, which is available on Netflix .

Proof that the show is a global sensation is the evolution of the winners payout through the seasons. During the first season, the winner pocketed the sum of $ 20,000, in the second, the gain reached $ 25,000, during the third, it jumped to $ 75,000 and since the fourth season, it has stabilized at $ 100,000. We could also see this evolution with regard to the crowning ceremony of the winner which in the first seasons took place inside the studio, to then take place in front of a public inside a theater.

The participants become more and more endearing as the season progresses. Honestly, starting the show is addicting yourself. During the first containment, so I procrastinated because I was listening to the season q ue I do not avai s had time to watch . If you like the rama , you will be served: quarrels, couples, friendships will be waiting for you. You have to like reality TV though, since the show’s format is shot that way.

I wish you good viewing, hoping to have introduced you to your new favorite show!

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