A podcast that honors women

Ladies and gentlemen… or not? No, because today I am speaking to all of you women. Femininity is at the rendezvous, because on this Monday, women’s rights day, I want to inspire you and make you happy.

As a woman, feminist and proud of it, I like to be inspired and educated on a daily basis. The long hours spent in the car forced me to occupy myself in a way other than singing at the top of my lungs! Not that I get tired of this activity, but let’s say that I went around my musical playlist… in short, I found an alternative; podcasts.

A podcast that makes me proud to be a woman and that stimulates, entertains and moves me is “Generation Sidechick” hosted and produced by Julie-Anne Ho and Kate Marquis. These women honor their thirties and all that that implies. The stakes, the difficulties, the pleasures, the choices, and so on. They create content that is intelligent and supported by special guests such as female entrepreneurs, inspirational couples, striking men and gorgeous human beings who value the LGBT movement.

The episode that gave me life to tell you about it, under the hot topic of the hour, is “100% woman”. The two women invite the CEO of the DOSE company, Geneviève Brosseau Provencher and the professional dancer and Dj Karaba to share their opinion in the context of a round table on various female subjects. I don’t want to steal punches, but the experiences of the four women who are put forward around their microphone have stunned, touched and I would even say angry me. When I arrive, parked in the hall, unable to unplug the auxiliary wire from my telephone, I must continue to listen to these women discuss and open up. They approach harassment and the objectification of women in an honest, non-taboo and moving way.

The most touching moment that has vibrated in my ears and echoed in my head is when Julie-Anne mentions the fact that everything a woman experiences on a daily basis is almost a matter of habit for us. Do men know it? Are they even aware of everything we are going through? Harassment in the metro, assault in a taxi, being whistled in the street, etc. Does that mean anything to you? I know very well that my question is endless and unnecessary perhaps… because I know very well that the answer is yes, but where does that lead us?

I let myself get carried away! I stop writing for a few moments.

I come back and continue with this; women, we are strong, we are all that there is most beautiful, we create life… what is more magnificent than that? The soul of it. This is why we must stand and help each other. Let us continue to fight together and use this International Women’s Rights Day to inspire others around us.

Finally, I hope you find inspiration in these words and this podcast.

Good listening !

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