A short guide to the essentials to stay in shape at home

I’m sure it’s not easy for anyone. I am fortunate to have a super nice home gym in my basement. I also have the pleasure of running outside in summer and winter, I am well equipped to run at -30˚C and 30˚C and I find my pleasure there regardless of the temperature.

I have an amazing family who love to have fun outdoors, climbing, walking, getting some fresh air and getting active. It is always important to keep in mind that training is a very powerful medicine against depression and many other minor ailments. It has proven itself for its psychological as well as physical virtues. I know that many people do not have my determination or my need to train every day. For some it is excessive, for others it is a passion and for me it is a daily need. Yes, it is easy to fall into the excess, but I like this excess better than something like alcohol abuse, for example.

During the holidays, people here and there allow themselves a little abuse on the nutrition side, but keep in mind that to spoil yourself a few times can be good, but balance in everything is the key. Our body is our envelope, our vehicle that will allow us to age and do many things in our lifetime. It’s high time to take care of it to enjoy our trip. So here is my little list of the essentials to keep in mind during this confinement at home to keep in shape:.

Make a schedule .. ESSENTIAL.

You have to say to yourself : ok, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I walk or run for 30 minutes and keep my word. The days may vary, but we must keep 30 minutes a day for activities and hobbies that get us moving.

Find motivation

A virtual race, a challenge, a group of friends who write down their training… (zoom group or other to discuss during the exercise). Whatever your source of motivation, try to find what works for you!

Set achievable goals

If you are more of the big challenge type: go ALL IN .

Find small workouts that can be easily done at home, without equipment

Take a look at Facebook, Youtube… the ideas and the choices are very varied. Besides, I wrote a text with some ideas right here !

Do 20-30 minutes of exercise

Start the day with a little 20-30 minutes of exercise, yoga or weight training to get you started!

Stay motivated

It’s easy with applications like Strava to accumulate km of cycling or running, for example. There are a multitude of applications, you just need to look for a little 5-6 minutes!

Good holidays!

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