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Android 10 is still not on a lot of phones, but we all know one thing Android 11 is coming. Google is working on it, and while we have no idea what the features will bring. There are certain features that Android 11 must Bring. Android 11 some of the features I’m going to talk about are not present in custom skins like MIUI, Realme UI are oxygen OS, one UI. You get the idea so if you are using any of these skins. I’d suggest reading this article till the end.

7 Features Android 11 Must-Have

android 11


Now let’s talk about the features Android 11 must break. So starting for the most underrated features of iOS is the system level undo feature. So the shake to undo gesture was always present in iOS, but it wasn’t very how do I put. Go I said when I was 13 brought better gestures for this so in Android 11 you can swipe left with three fingers on the screen to undo text, and so I pried with three fingers to redo text and like. It works everywhere with WhatsApp Twitter or Instagram or any other app.

Even works for things other than writing in supported apps like say mail in the mail app. if you have moved an email to the wrong folder you can make this gesture and undo it, so you trust me when I say that it’s a super useful feature. Android 11 must bring there’s no such cancel feature in Android 11. it will be great if Android 11 brings this feature natively. I mean this is a feature that’s not present in any other Android skins so yeah Android 11 shocked Android should take the lead on this one.

#2 Nearby Sharing

so the next significant feature under Android 11 must bring is an airdrop like cross-device file transfer. We have wanted this for so long, and you know what thus the manufacturers have implemented this feature. There’s MI share, Realme share, oppo share and we will share which work with each other just like airdrop and as you can see this works well, so it’s high time.

Android 11 had this feature too now it will work with all Android devices out there, and well it looks like. It will finally be here to see Google was testing a feature called fast share with Android 10, but that did not make it. Now a report from XD has the wheel in the airdrop like features in Android will be caught nearby sharing. We’ll use do to initiate a handshake doing devices and then transfer files over a direct Wi-Fi connection similar to an Airdrop Android 11 will have this feature so good news guys.

#3 Dark mode

 Dark mode finally arrived with Android 10, and it’s one of the big highlights of the latest Android update. But you know what the Dark mode on Android 10 feels like an unfinished product. And that’s mainly due to one feature missing. The ability to shed your dark mode I mean it’s pretty apparent, and almost every other skin brings. The option to automatically turn on the dark one at sunset and turn off at sunrise. There’s even an alternative to set your timings to pick not just different skins. There’s also an app that lets you send you the dark mode and stock Android

devices. I mean how tough could it be certainly as dark mode should tuning should be Present in android 11 and Google while you’re at it make sure that every single app of yours and her party app has the dark mode. And yeah also some friendly wall people’s dynamic items that go dark, but the dark way would be pretty sweet.

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#4 Screen recording

Every single platform out there has a native screen recorder built-in oxygen OS, MI UI, realme UI, and color OS when you are you name it. And most of these platforms support internal audio recording with it, so honestly, it’s high time stock Android had this reach too. Android in its beta stages had a pretty early version of a native screen recorder, but again it did not make it.

So in Android 11, Google must include a screen recorder that supports high-resolution, high FPS recording internal audio support the ability to use the front camera while recording for streams. See native screen recording is such a small yet essential feature and Android 11 must-have.

#5 Better screenshots

stock Android the screenshots alright even letting you edit the screenshots quickly. But to tell you honestly it’s nowhere close to the functionality you get on other Android skins.

 First of all, almost all Android skins out there support scrolling screenshots or super underrated feature that I use often. I’m sure you guys do it with Google has confirmed that they’re working on this in Android art added in android 11 so say I’m positive. Second, some Android skins even let you take partial screenshots take the new Real me.

I have for example you can press hold with three fingers and swipe down or app to make a partial screenshot way more comfortable than taking a screenshot and cropping it right.

Now third is not something that many phones have, but I remember on some most comfortable force there was an option to change the screenshot file type from PNG to JPEG and that could be handed to some people. So yeah overall Android 11 must include scrolling screenshots partial screenshots and hopefully more options when it comes to screenshots, well Google you know what to do.

#6 Customizable Gestures

Android 10 Fixed the stupid piece gestures from Android 9. I’m going to call that stupid but is The Android ten gestures perfect well I don’t think so, and a lot of people agree with me. Let’s check out this Reddit thread, a lot of people have problems with the way the back gesture comes in the form of this slide-out menu. I mean you can still access this menu by peeking and swiping, but it just doesn’t feel.

How about me wise implementation in me why the back gesture does not work on the top third of each side of the screen. So that you can open up that hamburger menu and that’s not it some customizability would be excellent a lot of people. The whole the wrong gesture just switched to the last app.

A lot of people want more options like you to know how the fluid gestures app lets you use gestures like swipe up from the right bottom to open the notification shade and hold it. To open quick settings directly and it’s customizable you can set any app or be honest, I don’t think Android 11 will bring all of these changes to gestures, but I hope they make it better.

#7 Fixed things up

features are useful yeah the great but there are some things in an Android 10 that need fixing. Most importantly, the annoying opened by default option. She added she had had this for years; for example, you could say Twitter links to open by default in the Twitter app. Instagram links in the Instagram app you get the ID. Previously it was simple if that always am that’s it done under tenth messed it up. Now when you always tap you take it to this open but default settings.

Now here you have to tab the free, supported links button and then press open in this app yeah just some unnecessarily annoying work. I’m just hoping that Android 11 fixes this it’s super annoying. Now that was a big one, but there are a couple of other minor things that need fixing with Android 11.

How a Bluetooth not turning off an aeroplane mode is turn on that would be handy right now. Android 11 will bring this, so that’s good news next up how about or native 100 usage mode. I mean more skins have this, but an excellent native implementation would be great well.

Android 11 is still some time away, but these are the features it must have. But is there anything that I missed out. Tell us in the comment section below if you enjoyed it and make sure to share it with your friends. 

Thanks for reading this article, and I will see you in the next one. When do you think Android 11 will arrive on your Phone 2021- 22?


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