Another recipe book to integrate into your routine

Recently, and surely with the onset of the pandemic, the subject of food insecurity has popped up in several articles, in income, in articles on the web, on television and everywhere around me.

First, what is food insecurity? The definition of the INSPQ (Institut national de santé publique du Québec) is: inadequate access to food mainly due to lack of financial resources or access to a sustainable food system that maximizes healthy choices.

These words hurt me inside, with my anxiety disorders and fear of withdrawal. The pandemic has brought out little bugs from a food point of view and knowing that one in seven Canadians declares to be food insecure is scary!

Me with my overflowing pantries, my fridge full of healthy foods and my freezer of small healthy prepared meals, I am far from having short, medium or long term solutions other than to encourage you to go and donate some food. in a food bank near you where they have seen their demand skyrocket in recent months.

Let us simply take the example of Moisson Québec, whose mission is to improve the quality of life of people living in difficult socio-economic conditions, which received twice as many donations for the same period. These figures are alarming.

In these difficult times, it is all the more important to stick together and pay it forward.

Which brings me to tell you about a little discovery. I cannot ignore my unconditional love for Geneviève O’Gleman’s books and her youngest: Petit Prix which offers wise choices at low prices (the name suggests). Many people often tell me that eating healthy is expensive, and this nutritionist demystifies everything.

The book includes economic tips and anti-waste tips (most of which I did already). By including affordable and affordable staples, with easy recipes without too many ingredients and alternatives to fit the contents of the fridge.

In short, strategies for saving money at the grocery store by integrating inexpensive seasonal foods. It’s a little extra to have one less worry in these times when Canadians have to juggle with fewer hours or even a loss of employment in recent months or for the months to come.

Ranging from starters to main courses, not to mention a little dessert as a cherry on the sundae, it brings an original touch to very simple recipes. With our busy schedules between family, washing, cleaning, work, sport, leisure, we must not forget to eat well.

I often run out of time to cook great chefs recipes every night. On the other hand, we find here simple recipes, without having to stop at the grocery store and thus be at the table on time in order to enjoy small moments with family, without stress or guilt.

So to our cauldrons! We cook, we save, we tame frozen foods, canned foods with the many tips that we find in his book!Good reading.

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