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Hey, what’s going on everyone this is I reviews back with another article, and today we have a new software update from Apple IOS 13.5 is finally here.

Apple ios

Now, this is an update that has gone through a few beta stages, which started as I was 13.5, but then due to a new API that Apple had to push, they had to change the number, and now we have I was 13.5. Now I was 13.5 would bring a few new features and changes to iOS 13 as well as the usual bug fixes and improvements, of course. Now I had this since beta one.

So in this article, we’re talking about the battery life of iOS 13.5 as well as the overall performance of this new update.

Latest features of iOS 13.5

The one cool new feature on the music app allows you to share any of your songs with Instagram stories or Facebook stores. It is effortless to use on any song. All we have to do is go to the share sheet of that song, and you will have the ability to create a story automatically for an Instagram or Facebook.

Now you will have to go to the shared feed. Then you will find here Instagram or Facebook now. If you don’t see them here, tap on a more button, and you will have a list of apps here tap on edit and make sure you enable Facebook and Instagram or add them to your favorites right there you should see them anyways.

 So all you must do is tap on one of the icons, and it will automatically generate a story. It will create that using the song, and it will automatically open the Instagram or Facebook app, as you can see right here.

 Now you will have this little card with the album artwork right there the name of the song name of the artist and then Apple music logo right there. Now you can move this anywhere you want here, and on the background, you will have basically like a blurred version of the artwork right there. Now, if you tap and hold here, you will be able to change that blur so you can see right here you can adjust it, and here you’re good to go, you can share any song from music to Instagram or Facebook stories.

Another New Update: Facetime

You know when you’re on a group call on FaceTime, the person that’s speaking the video will zoom to that person, so now you will have the ability to disable that feature. So if you go to your settings and you go to the FaceTime settings, you will have here a section that says automatic prominence, and you all have a button that says speaking. If you go ahead and disable, this is one zoom in on a person that is currently speaking if you don’t like that feature, don’t want to have that on your group calls.

You can go ahead and disable it from here with iOS 13.5. IOS 13.5, you will also have the option to share your medical ID, and this is important in any case of emergency it will show this even when your device is locked. It will share it basically on the lock screen of your device.  

 now for this to work, you will need to make sure that you have enabled the emergency and SOS location 

  1. Go to settings 
  2. Go to privacy 
  3. Go to location services

Right here, if you scroll down, you will find system services that make sure that here have emergency calls, and SOS is enabled if you disable that this new feature won’t work. So make sure you have that allowed all the time.

New features of iOS 13.5: Unlock Passcode

 A very welcome new feature of iOS 13.5 is the ability to unlock your device using a passcode instead of face ID if you’re wearing a mask. So due to the whole situation, a lot of people are wearing masks, so when you go to unlock your device using your face ID, it will fail if you have a cover on but now with iOS 13.5. It will recognize if you have a cap on your face and send your device automatically to the passcode screen so you won’t have to wait for face ID. You can go ahead and quickly unlock your device using a passcode. Now that will be enabled by default once you install iOS 13.5, you don’t need to configure anything anytime. You want to unlock with face ID with a mask on it sends you to the passcode screen.

 A new feature that is also quite big with iOS 13.5 is the ability to enable exposure notifications for the new pandemic that’s a new feature that Apple has added. It’s, of course, breathable to you. I just noticed that this wouldn’t be available in all the countries in the old world. It will have the section right here from where you can enable these notifications for your iOS 13.5.

 now if you want to allow them to you will find them under the privacy settings 

  1. so you go to settings 
  2. go to privacy
  3. go to health

You will have the exposure logging right here, and you can go ahead and enable these notifications.

iPhone iOS 13.5 Fix Character bug

A critical fix of iOS 13.5 is also the character bug that has been happening during the past few weeks on iPhones. You might have seen one of the videos that I did on this character bug. Now, these issues everyone in a while. These are like weird characters that will freeze your device that will crash your iPhone. Now you can see this is what I’m talking about how I’m on IOS 13.5, of course, and it’s not doing anything to my device because they have been fixed.

If you’re on a lower firmware and receive this on any notification on your device, it will just freeze your device, nothing will work, and you will have to reboot your device. So let’s say you get a message with these like characters now notice that there are two Italian flags right there, but that doesn’t mean anything you can obliterate them. You can have other emojis right there.

The vital part is these characters. They will freeze your device. If you receive this as I said on a notification your device would be frozen, you will have to reboot it to get it to the normal-like state. However, if you go to the messages to delete then that message you will still get stuck right, then you all have to try quite a few times closing and opening the messages app to remove that message that contains these characters.

So this is very important that Apple has fixed this, or if you have this problem, make sure you’re updated. I was 13.5 as soon as possible. I said at the beginning I had this since beta one and the performance has been good smooth everything has worked just fine. Now, of course, this is quite late on the iOS 13 I was 13.5, and you can expect it to be smooth and, of course, very, very stable. so here we have Geekbench, and we have some scores here so, then if go to the CPU right here you can see I have two different benchmarks 

  1. I have one with iOS 13.4 right here, and you can see the score 1332 for the single-core score and, of course, 3422 for the multi-core score now.
  2. If we go to iOS 13.5, you can see here a very very slight improvement on the single-core score while on the multi-core score there is a drop on the point so we have like a 200 score drop right there and we have just a slight improvement on the single-core score 

But overall it has been performing good I didn’t have any problems with this update it has been just smooth and of course very stable at the same time. Of course, one of the essential parts of every update every software is battery life. They’re all like different versions of iOS. They tend to consume a ton of battery. They have bugs and stuff like that, but with iOS 13.5 here on my iPhone 11 Pro, everything has been excellent. I didn’t notice any like vast improvements or anything on battery life, but it didn’t like drain battery or something like that. It has been stable, and the battery consumption has been like the standard for me since iOS 13.1.

IOS 13.5 New Update: Improvements

iOS 13.5 has been the same with slight improvements. Still, nothing that you will notice will like to improve your daily use or give you an hour. More battery or something like that, just slight improvements nothing big. But it’s not bad at all and lasts, but not least should you install iOS 13.5 on your device, of course, you should know this is a perfect update with a few new features which are very important even though they might not seem that attractive. Still, they are essential, and of course, the bug fix for those characters that are important as well because if you get that notification, it will be just a pain getting rid of those messages that stuff from your iPhone. So I suggest everyone go ahead and update to iOS 13.5 as soon as possible. If you want to have a better and smoother experience using your iPhone daily. 

 So that’s pretty much it for this article guys this is iOS 13.5 very nice update as which started as I said at the beginning as I was13.4.5 but then due to the new API that Apple had to add they had to change the number, and they couldn’t go with the same they had to change it to I was 13.5. This is probably one maybe the last big update to iOS 13 before the release of the first beta of iOS 14, which will be on June 22nd. I’m very, very excited about that. Let’s wait and see what new features Apple will bring to iOS with iOS 14. hopefully, that will be something exciting, so that’s pretty much it again. Thank you guys for reading this article.


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