At home, we play French … while cultivating ourselves!

What if we traveled to France by gambling? Quiz or lottery, board games or card games made in France, Christmas is the ideal time to challenge yourself with your family while reviewing your knowledge of the heritage of the regions or local specialties. Music, landscapes, monumentsor gastronomy, there is something for everyone, from 3 to 107 years old!

We launch the Normandy Challenge with Recreadim

Défi Normandie, un jeu de questions-réponses pour tout découvrir sur la Normandie

© Recreadim – Défi Normandie, a question-and-answer game to discover everything about Normandy

What do Camembert, Vikings and apples have in common? the Normandy! With “Défi Normandie”, created by Recreadim, a French manufacturer of fun and educational games, will you become an expert in the region? Answer in 210 questions, almost everyone can play from 7 years old! From the age of 10, you can also rub shoulders with the world of art with “Passion Normandie Impressionniste”, a funny game that combines drawing, mime and questions to find out everything about this pictorial movement inspired by Norman landscapes . And you can also explore other regions: “Passion Picardie” or “Piktoory, the favorite villages of the French”, you can review your geography while eating Christmas chocolates!

We hunt for treasures in Auvergne with Creacom Games

Who hasn’t dreamed of discovering a mysterious chest full of gold and jewels? With Creacom Games, we awaken our soul of a treasure hunter around a 100% Made in board game.Auvergne. From 6 years old, young and old alike put on the clothes of Circino (compass in Latin), the mascot of the game, to browse through the French departments to discover their riches. From Clermont-Ferrand to Riom: in the 1st version, we explore 24 municipalities of Puy de Dôme in Auvergne and their heritage, from cathedrals to volcanoes. And in the following versions, Bouches-du-Rhône, Essonne or Yvelines… Until the special France scheduled for soon.

We enjoy the gourmet lotto of France from Pioupiourico

Le loto gourmand, pour découvrir les gourmandises françaises

© Pioupiourico – Le loto gourmand, to discover French delicacies

Did you know that the famous baguette, emblem of French bakery, was a privilege of the aristocracy in the 18th century? With Pioupiourico’s “gourmet lottery”, 100% Made in France and eco-designed, you can learn the history of typically French delicacies – Basque cake , Carpentras berlingots or Bordeaux cannelés – while having fun with the family: les petits becs sweets can be played from 3 years old. Don’t forget to garnish the table with pain au chocolat, mille-feuilles and other Aix calissons: with Pioupiourico, a game brand created by a mother to transmit French culture to little chicks, gluttony is anything but a bad thing! And for good measure, we climb the Eiffel Tower with the memo of monuments or we dance with the game of the 7 families La France en fête.

We play Questions pour un Breton with Fighting cocks

Unless you were born in Brittany like Antoine Delanoë and Quentin Ory, the founders of Combat de coqs, you can always try to earn your Breton stripes with the Breizh Edition of their game. But for that you will have to respond to nearly 400 questions on themes as diverse as music, literature, cinema or gastronomy, between sausage cakes and kouign aman ! If you do not get your diploma, you can always catch up with the special France game from this 100% French company: its games are imagined in Brittany, drawn in Normandy and printed in Meurthe-et-Moselle.

We explore France from top to bottom with Ferriot Cric

Do you like discovering French regions? Ferriot Cric, a brand established in Champagne since 1929, takes you along roads and paths in a great journey around France. All manufactured on site in a spirit of sustainable development, its range of board games includes three models in France: France in 2000 questions, France and its 101 departments and France and its 13 regions. You will no longer be able to stop collecting souvenir cards, from the cliffs of Etretat to the melon of Cavaillon via the Hospices de Beaune in Burgundy .

And also…

Also discover Fabulabox and its funny stories to create around the heritage of Vieux Lyon or Bioviva (External link) and its France nature challenges to discover animals to be preserved, red foxes or Rusa deer.

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