Awesome Home Lighting Ideas to Complement Your Home

Home Lighting Ideas to Complement Your Home – Few interior design elements are as effective and powerful as light. Lighting not only naturally attracts the eye but influences a person’s mood as well.

Home lighting can add dramatic flair or a soft, romantic glow to an otherwise ordinary space. The right lighting enhances the functionality of a home too.

More than just a practical source of illumination, lighting fixtures offer opportunities to establish a distinctive style in the home.

Employing the Tools of the Lighting Trade

Layering a room with a variety of light sources, including natural light, task lighting, indirect light, and ambient light, adds depth and dimension to a room.

The first step in deciding which lighting fixtures to include is to establish the tasks and activities that will be performed in the room.

Safety and functionality is always the first priority. Additional lighting fixtures are then chosen to create a specific mood and atmosphere within the space.

Providing clutter-free illumination to functional spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, fixtures like recessed lights, track lighting and under-cabinet lights are great for task lighting.

In living areas like bedrooms and living rooms, table and floor lamps provide task lighting and decoration as well. Indirect lighting is achieved by using fixtures to bounce light off walls or objects.

Ambient light is created by using furnishings and accessories with reflective surfaces such as glass, metallic finishes, and glossy paint.

Adding Style and Sophistication with Wall Sconces

Bathing a wall in light helps define the space and lends importance to the room’s overall design. Because wall sconces are as decorative as they are functional, they’re one of the best ways to use lighting to complement home décor.

Scones are available in every decorative style, from historical designs to chic modern fixtures. They’re one of the easiest ways to add a layer of sophistication to a room’s design.

Using Recessed Fixtures to Create Lighting Effects

Recessed lights give home decorators the opportunity to add illumination that doesn’t take up any visual space. They’re ideal for homes decorated in a minimal modern style but can add ambience to traditional décor as well.

For a contemporary room, recessed lamps directed straight down create dramatic pools of light that add visual interest to an otherwise bare space.

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In a traditionally styled room, recessed lights can be used to draw attention to a room’s focal points, such as a fireplace, painting or specimen plant.

Creating Focal Points

Whether hanging from a ceiling or placed on a table or shelf, some lighting fixtures can serve as both a source of illumination and as a unique piece of art.

A distinctive lighting fixture makes a strong design statement that can set the tone for the decorative style of the entire room.

From a boxy pendant lighting fixture in the Arts and Crafts style to a table lamp crafted to look like a natural piece of coral, lighting fixtures can be the decorative stars of the show.

To enhance an existing design scheme, decorators can choose lighting fixtures with repeating shapes, materials or finishes. Repeated designs serve as unifying elements, adding a feeling of cohesion and harmony to the room’s design.

Whether it’s an ornate chandelier serving as a central focal point or track lights illuminating the contents of a bookcase, nothing quite matches lighting for versatile style and functionality.

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