Buying guide: how to choose the right stove and gas fireplace?

Stove or gas fireplace are not lacking in advantages. With gas, the constraints of storing wood, reloading or maintaining the appliance are over. Make way for ease and automation. Small bonus, gas fireplaces are also now very decorative and most even display flames that are larger than life. Gas stove or fireplace, follow the guide.

For some time, gas heating has been on the rise. Available as a fireplace or stove , this appliance is easily connected to the natural gas network, the installation must be carried out by an approved installer. The fireplace can also be supplied with bottled gas (propane or butane), but its use is then more restrictive: you have to store and change the bottles. The device, which operates without electricity, is powered by batteries that produce the necessary spark. 

The advantages of a gas heating solution

Total control of the fire and great ease of use are the main advantages of the gas fireplace, an ultra-technological device that can be controlled very easily using a remote control. You can turn the fire on and off without moving from your sofa, adjust the power and height of the flames, but also program the temperature and the hours of operation.  

Some connected devices are even controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet. The “eco” mode allows a 40% reduction in power and gas consumption; the flames then decrease in intensity. In terms of user comfort, there is also the absence of soot and ash, which avoids tedious cleaning sessions. And no logs to transport either! 

Some things to know about gas heating methods

Gas tends to radiate less than wood, which means that its spectrum of action is narrower. As for the heat emitted, it is softer and more regular, which can be surprising when you are used to wood. For better comfort, prefer cast iron appliances, which maintain the heat long after the fire is out.  

Another important note: with gas, the flames are lower and more bluish than with wood. So, for a “real wood fire” effect, manufacturers offer hearths diffusing central flames, dancing above ceramic logs (you can also opt for a decor of white pebbles or black ceramic chips). There are even more lifelike glowing embers. 

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