Christmas in the mountains: wonder guaranteed!

The end of year celebrations are shaping up to be a little different this year… Never mind, we take the opportunity to meet up with family and take a deep breath of fresh mountain air.! Between the snow-covered landscapes, the end of the day by the fire and the good meals, we promise you an unforgettable Christmas.

Take a deep breath of fresh air

It must be admitted, the year 2020 has been difficult. What if, to end it on a more joyful note, we treat ourselves to a real big bowl of fresh air? For that, nothing like the snow-capped peaks, the snow which cracks under the feet and the wind which rushes between the pines. You hear ? It is the sound of silence and letting go.

See the snow… and Santa Claus?

Do you know a lot of children who don’t dream of a white Christmas? This year, we are not against a small dose of extra magic so we put the small dishes in the big ones to please the little ones (and the adults too) by giving them their dream Christmas. And before going to bed on December 24, don’t forget to put down a glass of milk and some cookies for Santa Claus near the tree, which we may have seen in the streets of the resort for a few hours. earlier !

Snuggle up by the fire

A real vacation is when you take the time. Reading by the fireside, for example, or watching a family movie with a good hot chocolate. Or simply watch the snow fall on the trees from the cozy interior of a mountain chalet. Later, we’ll go sledding, but for now, we’re enjoying it.

Twist the Christmas meal with mountain specialties

What if this year, we revisited the traditional foie gras-turkey-log? In the mountains, for your taste buds, it’s Christmas every day! Whether we are in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Jura or even the Vosges, cheese is king. Raclette, fondue, hot box, tartiflette… it is served with local charcuterie, crozets or even Morteau sausages . For dessert, we feast on a blueberry tart, while the Savoie cake accompanies gourmet afternoons.

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