Dash & Lily: The Netflix Series To Listen To Before The Holidays

Last year, I wrote an article on the Merry Happy Whatever Christmas series because I really liked the concept of not watching a Christmas movie, but a Christmas SERIES. Unlike the latter which was more sitcom style, Dash & Lily looks more like a long Christmas movie, and that makes me happy.

I say a long movie, but there is nothing long to watch this show. The 8 30-minute episodes are super easy to listen to and you get on board quickly. It can be listened to well in one or two evenings, it’s super light and the characters endearing. What could be better?

A love story as we love them

The story begins a few days before Christmas when Dash, a cynic who dislikes Christmas, goes to his neighborhood library and finds a red newspaper. In the latter are a letter and a challenge to overcome in order to get to know better whoever comes across this journal. You will understand, it is Lily, a big fan of Christmas, who is behind this newspaper. The two will therefore write for days and help each other feel less alone during this holiday season, a little different this year for the two young people.

What I particularly liked was the way of showing the perspective of the same situation of different characters. While the first episode is dedicated to Dash, we meet Lily in the second. The storytelling is a bit different from a normal film or series, but I liked this approach. Also, there is nothing like New York just before Christmas, with the white snow and the beautiful decorations. Really, the decor is a dream!

Fun fact : Nick Jonas is one of the producers of the series. So don’t be surprised to see that the characters go to a Jonas Brothers concert and one of them even gets romantic advice from Nick himself, when they happen to find themselves in his lodge (yeah… not super realistic, I know). The big Jonas Brothers fan in me was very satisfied with this little wink.

Can we expect a second season?

As the Dash & Lily story is based on the first book in a three-part series written by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, we can expect there to be a second season. Netflix hasn’t announced anything yet, but my fingers are crossed!

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