Experience Roborock H6: a portable vacuum cleaner that’s lightweight, very good value for money, long battery life, enough toys

Roborock is a famous robot vacuum cleaner maker, and H6 is their first handheld vacuum cleaner . This machine is designed like the Dyson V Series vacuum cleaner , but the price is a lot cheaper, only half. H6 has all the functions you need in a handheld vacuum cleaner, in addition it is very beautiful, very light, very comfortable to use, especially with a small OLED screen to display more information. It makes the vacuum cleaner incredibly tech, and you feel really excited to take the Roborock H6 to clean your house.

The machine is very light, and is extremely well done

This is my first impression of the H6, especially when it comes fitted with the popular brush nozzle. I am using it for Black + Decker for only 1.5 million, I used to hold Dyson (I don’t remember V much) at the cuhiep’s house, then use the Eufy S11 Go, and there is no one as light as H6. Its weight is about 1.4 kg, which is about the size of a thin and light 13 “laptop.

This is very important, because you will have to hold the vacuum cleaner to clean in a few dozen minutes, if it is quite heavy then you will tire your hands soon, get tired early, the cleaning is ineffective (or not prolonged. necessary). And to make sure the rest of my family feels light too, I ask my mom to try the H6 for a few days and it’s true that she says it’s lighter than the Black + Decker is using, holding long without getting tired. hand.

Roborock H6 level of perfection is also among the best today, probably only lost to Dyson. The joints, the lumpy plastic covering the hands, the junction between the suction head and the body … all are taken care of and I see Roborock’s carefulness in this, like how they usually do the robot suck your dust.


Convenient button and handle layout

This is something I appreciate very much at Roborock H6. The handle part of the H6 is made in the same way that Dyson designed the handle for their vacuum cleaner, it fits very well in the hand, it is very convenient for you to hold back and forth, turn back and forth, hold it for a long time without needing. Or tired at all.


And one more thing I like is that the H6 has a very reasonable button layout and is extremely easy to use. The first is the “trigger” to activate the vacuuming, light and quiet. The second is the lock button so you don’t need to constantly hold the trigger, this button is just above the trigger and you can press the button. With the thumb, no need to use the other hand Third is the round button to increase or decrease the power when suction, it can also be easily activated with the thumb because it is located on the tail of the handle. All can be operated with just one hand, everything is within reach, very natural and convenient.


This is the difference between one side taking care of the design to create a good user experience, compared with those that simply make products for sale. Dyson is the top 1 in the market, then I see that H6 is also in second place. Currently, the handheld vacuum cleaner has many models, many manufacturers but not many people are bothered to pay attention to the “details” like this, but it is these “details” that make the difference in the experience.

There is an OLED display to indicate battery level and machine parameters

Most vacuum cleaners, whether handheld or conventional, do not have screens to display information. Ok, it is not necessary to simply adjust the strong suction mode, but the important thing that many portable vacuums are missing is a display of remaining battery capacity. That’s why when you clean your house, you feel worried about when the battery will be drained.

Roborock H6 solves this with a small OLED screen on the handle. It will show you the% remaining battery, the power of the vacuum and whether the machine is locked or not. It’s simple, nothing complicated, but it makes your cleaning easier and smoother. You will focus on the cleaning, not the other things around the vacuum cleaner.

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