For SMEs and the famous Covid

Since the announcement of containment, distancing, isolation and this famous pandemic, my life has changed a lot and also that of the majority of people around me. I feel oppressed in my freedom and I would like more than ever to hug people, give them hugs, kisses to my parents, my goddaughters and the newcomer in the family, a little girl of two days. I need to tell the people I love that I am thinking of them. I would need to shout on the roof: it will be fine, for them, for me, to convince myself too and reassure my head and my hamster which is spinning at 10,001 rpm.

I have a friend, a soul sister with whom I used to take walks, discuss and elaborate on different topical topics, well-being, psychology, yoga, running , nature and human relations. With this virus, our discussions take on meaning and bring me to tell you about his awesome upcycled clothing project. I saw an Instagram story go by that mentioned sending a loved one one of these products made in Quebec, revalued with love and of course eco-responsible by slipping a little personalized note.

I immediately succumbed and sent a beautiful “Namaste” vest to my best friend who is more than 250 km from home and a second gift for my friend who supports me, who has been my pillar since the start of confinement , who supports me in my 1001 ideas and who keeps smiling so that we go through it with our heads held high. The couple is even more solid with a certain physical and mental balance.

Just recently, this friend told me that she was on the verge of releasing the string.

She knew how to fight, put all her heart and her energy into making this project, a dream, into a reality. She can be proud and tell herself that she tried until the end. She has been able to reinvent, change, evolve to follow the COVID wave. I say congratulations to her and she has something to get out of this whole thing with her head held high. New projects are opening up to her, new challenges and new dreams and I wish her good luck.

To all for whom the crisis can take enormous toll on their sales, production, customer service, bottom line and more, hold your head up high. If ultimately it is no longer worth the effort, get out of this tornado in order to keep your balance and your well-being. Don’t be disappointed, sad, or angry, but rather stay open to what’s to come.

Nothing happens for nothing and what you have learned in your entrepreneurship will never be lost.

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