Hey guys, I am Suresh, today I have some fresh, exciting, and affordable smart gadgets that you might not know about.

7 Cool Gadgets – You Should Buy From Amazon


Tradus IQ PD QC 3.0 Power Bank

Let’s begin first up is this power bank. I know it looks like your usual power bank, so how is this cool you ask well. Let me explain, so this power bank has two exciting features that make it stand out, so it’s a 10,000 mah power bank, which is all the necessary features that you expect from a modern-day power bank 18-watt fast charging that works both ways.

All the port’s that you need, including USB, a micro USB, and type-c. But you know what for cell phones you won’t even need any of these ports. Because this power bank also offers 10-watt wireless charging, so in case you forget your charging cable, don’t worry. Just slap your phone on top of this power bank, and it will start charging.  

Now the second and the most crucial feature is the extension that comes out of this power bank. What it does is this yeah this kickstand to any smartphone. So it’s a boon for people like me who like to watch their favorite videos while having dinner or you know during flights it’s convenient. The sum it up this power bank is feature-packed at rupees 2500, and I’m glad I found it. Anyway, if you found this gadget interesting, keep reading it until the end because these gadgets keep getting better.

Auslese Wireless Charging mousepad

The second gadget on our list is this mouse pad. Again it looks like your usual mouse pad, but 026again it’s much more than that. What’s unique about this mouse pad is that it can also wirelessly charge your smartphone, yep pretty cool. One side of the mousepad can be used as an ordinary pad, and on the other hand, where you see wireless charging marking, you place your phone to let it charge when you work. It’s a pretty good way to keep your phone juiced up as it’s quite effortless. It’s not fast wireless charging as it only charges your phone at 5-watt, but at 1300rs, I think it’s a decent gadget that you can check out.

UBIT Iron Man 2.4G

This is my personal favorite. It’s this is a wireless mouse that looks like the Iron Man helmet. Even lights up in the dark, and as you can see, it looks cool. When I saw it online, I rushed to buy it because it was so damn cool. I’ve been using it, and I like a few things about it, for example, the buttons on the mouse are very Silent. So you won’t get that clicky sound.

If you don’t like it, the pointing is precise, and this effect that you can change. The DPI of the mouse on the mouse itself so yeah this is a fully functional Mouse that’s going to make the aesthetics of your desk look cooler. It’s priced at 1,200 to pcs on Amazon. You can use it with two triple-A batteries now. I know you can get a much better Mouse or maybe a keyboard mouse combo a trapeze 1,300 but look at this guy’s look at this for all you. Iron Man fans out there; this is something that you should get.

lazy Mobile Neck Band

The lazy mobile neck Band because why not I got this for 200 rupees yep just 200 rupees and I wasn’t expecting it to look premium. And it certainly does not look aside it functions exactly like it’s shown in the product images. You hang it around your neck, put on your phone in the holder, and let go. It doesn’t strain your neck like you would expect it to, which is excellent.

Secondly, it helps a lot if you’re trying to watch your favorite TV show on your bed and your hand starts hurting because of the phone. Yeah, it’s a great gadget, but on a more serious note, I wouldn’t recommend using your phone all the time using this segment. Because smartphone addiction is terrible so please keep that in mind. 

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SUP Handheld Game Console

The fifth spot this a tie between three gadgets, and one of them is not even a gadget. Hey, who’s keeping account sup guys, so I’m not asking you what’s up sup is the name of the device. It’s a handheld gaming console that lets you play games like Mario, Contra, etc. it’s so much fun once you take it out of the box you will be disappointed by the bad build quality.

Once you turn it on, it puts a smile on your face, because it brings back all the memories of your childhood. It indeed reminds me of this yeah this gaming console with 9 lakh 99999 games in one. The sub gaming console has a three-inch color display, a 600 mAh battery that should last for three to four hours. It includes 400 classic games hils me playing Super Mario on the sub console, and it’s a lot of fun, mainly because I caught it for 700 rupees on Amazon, and at that price, it’s quite useful especially for kids.

According to the study, the average age when kids get their first smartphones is ten years old. This is way too young for them, and I’ve seen kids getting addicted to smartphones watch YouTube all the time, and it’s not at all safe for them, so instead of giving smartphones to your kids. You can give them one of these gadgets to play these fun little games and don’t get addicted to smartphones. 

Tyre Pressure Monitor

Next up, this right here is a keychain with a purpose. It’s a tie pressure gouge which quite obviously lets you measure tire pressure when you are in doubt. It works well for both cars and two-wheelers, and 500 rupees it’s a handy gadget.

Thanos bottle opener

Last but not least, is this the mighty Thanos bottle opener? It’s not a gadget guy, but it’s super cool. So I couldn’t resist showing it to you guys record it for 1,200 rupees, which is quite. A lot for a bottle opener, but hey, it’s cool.

Just over on so that was it guys I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you very soon 


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