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Since last year, more than ever, it is important to encourage local. This year, why not support local, and, better yet, your favorite collaborators? Because yes, yes, some of us have businesses! #Amazing

Here is a little inspiration list for your Mother’s Day gift:


Elegant, sophisticated and unique jewelry, just like the woman who wears it, this is their slogan. It feels good to give, but not just for your mom, for all the people who represent a mother figure and… why not for you too? A little gift of yourself has never hurt anyone. In addition, the store offers silver and stainless steel jewelry, if you have allergies. To top it off, almost all of them are adorned with cubic zirconia stones! #OuhShinny

Claudia Morin-Arbor, photographer

A photo shoot by a professional photographer. Lately, I had the conversation with my mom. At home, she has photos of school, of significant events, but, a recent photo of us, she does not have any. Not bad as a Mother’s Day gift: a planned photoshoot that you prepare for. You spoil your mom for the day, and you end up framing her favorite photo (s). It’s different, original and it’s a great day, guaranteed!

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