Good Sunday ! – Notebook

First, don’t underestimate meal planning .Meal planning is the preparation of food and meals for the week. It is possible to do this for the whole family, if this is your case, with a few simple tips. I like to shop for groceries early in the morning, when it opens if possible, because there is no one in the rows to distract me. It even relaxes me to go alone, with the sole goal in mind of getting everything I need to fill my tummy for the whole week. I like to bring my bags to the grocery store. It is a source of economy, of an environmental concern and it distresses me to know that I will not run out of bag… yes yes, all the details count to stay relaxed and keep a clear mind.MacDo on the way back… hee hee!

Second, an agenda. As easy as that. If you like to write by hand, I advise you to go for a walk in a stationery or a store like Indigo which offers a magnificent choice of notebooks and agendas! Having my entire week well defined in front of me satisfies my mind and I can rest easy knowing that everything should run smoothly! If tech is more your thing and you prefer to use your thumbs, there are several possible apps to keep you organized on your phone. I use Google Calendar, a well-known and efficient app! I like having little alerts so that I don’t forget anything during the day. I also like to know hour by hour the course of my day, it is reassuring and highlighted with beautiful colors… we like that!

Third, a load of laundry … Like few of us, I love doing laundry and knowing that all of my sports clothes are clean and ready to be put on! I like to have choice when I dress, so nothing better than to have maximum choice by having everything cleaned up! I like to put comfortable, but pretty clothes in my wardrobe! Very subjective, but when working from home, it is important to feel comfortable, confident! The fact of feeling beautiful and beautiful, allows to remain confident during the day and to keep the ideas clear.

These are little ideas to clear your mind and better organize your Sunday! Hope you have more time for yourself this week!

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