Grey’s Anatomy: another actor announces his departure from the medical series

The longest prime time medical series in American television history, “Grey’s Anatomy” could end after its season 18, which was recently officially commissioned after tough negotiations. Still, this season 18 could be the last, even if no decision has yet been made on this subject .

What is certain, however, is that a new actor has just announced his departure from “Grey’s Anatomy”. A departure that comes shortly after the announcement of the departure of Jesse Williams , after no less than 12 seasons in the cast.


There is definitely movement at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. This time, it is Doctor Tom Koracick, played by Greg Germann, who leaves the series. In the series, be careful if you do not want to read spoilers, the doctor makes the decision to part at the same time as Jackson, in order to work for the foundation of the latter.

Even if he leaves the show, Greg Germann could return from time to time to Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, for a few appearances. A news that should relieve fans of the series.

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