Have glowing skin every day

Having a beautiful face skin is something in fashion. Regardless of the type of skin, we know that it is important to take care of our face. We see it everywhere on social networks or in magazines, “daily hydration is a must. “In summer, we have access to a hot sun filled with vitamin D to help us, but after being put to the test in winter, we must take care of our skin at all costs so that it regains its shine. and its shine.

I am one of those people who would like to be able to winter from November to March because their skin becomes VERY dry during Quebec winters. Although I cream myself several times a day, I always feel that there is no improvement. Maybe the cream is the problem then? So I grew up with soft skin, even my mother often (still today) commented on me, telling me how I have a sweet face and white skin like Snow White. As I get older I tend to have little red patches and a few small pimples. Obviously, I have sensitive skin, but what should I do to maintain so-called new skin all year round?

Hydrating is the key

Advice to be followed to the letter. It is essential to use a moisturizer for the type of our skin. Plus, according to experienced American dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo, it’s important to follow directions. While it is advisable to use the product three times a day, it should be used as many times as mentioned. We must therefore be constant in our habits, because it is equivalent to taking half of a tablet when we mention taking a Tylenol to counter a headache. The drug will be half effective.

Try grandmothers’ tips

We are often told, no matter the situation, to try a good old grandma thing. Apparently, the salt would be effective in removing dead skin. It is through its texture that dead cells disappear. In addition to knowing the properties of salt, honey is also an ingredient that regenerates and heals the skin of the face so that it regains its softness. Personally, I have tried a honey mask before and remember loving the feeling after taking it off. I had found that he had acted in depth and I could see a little sparkle.

Colorful eating

What does it mean to “eat colorful”? It just means eating colorful fruits and vegetables. For example, grapefruit, dragon fruit, beets, and carrots fall into this category. They all contain antioxidants that would promote the most radiant skin. According to the IGA supermarket blog , the yellow color of food refers to beta-carotene, a plant-based vitamin A that helps the skin stay healthy.

There are different tips to make sure you keep beautiful skin every day. We just have to know how and make them part of our routine.

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