How Louis Vuitton sent a private jet to Naomi Campbell’s rescue

Fashion legend, Naomi Campbell has forged a reputation as an unrivaled model, between style queen, star with multiple escapades and strong character. In her Youtube series “No Filter With Naomi”, the one we nickname the black panther has told about the time she was rescued by a private jet sent by Louis Vuitton. Fashion story. 

Naomi Campbell is no ordinary model. Discovered at the end of the 70s, the young Englishwoman knew how to make herself known to the greatest and even integrate their elitist circle to become one of the most famous top models of her generation. With her sensual approach, her piercing gaze and fiery temperament, she makes an impression and seduces fashion enthusiasts thanks to her unique personality. For a fashion designer, inviting him to parade is to ensure a spotlight on his brand and significant economic benefits. So when Marc Jacobsis preparing to present his very first parade for Louis Vuitton in March 1998, he knows that he has every interest in affording the services of the young woman with ebony skin. To support her friend, Naomi Campbell obviously accepted the invitation. But she almost never made it to her destination.  

March 5, 1998 marks the end of Milan Fashion Week. As tradition dictates, journalists, buyers and models are now flying to Paris, the last stop of this Fashion Month. It is in the City of Light that Marc Jacobs will present his first collection as artistic director of the Louis Vuitton house. For the occasion, he invited fashionable models to come parade for the French luxury label. Among them, Kristen Owen, Trish Goff, Amy Wesson and Naomi Campbell. Problem: twelve tops are stuck in Milan, not knowing when they can leave. “We were selected for an appearance which I do not remember any more,” she recounts in a conversation with Marc Jacobs, filmed for his show “No Filter With Naomi”, on Youtube. Time is passing and young women still cannot leave the city. In Paris, the time for fittings, traditionally taking place a few hours before the parade, has arrived. Waiting impatiently for them, the American fashion designer and Joe McKenna, famous English stylist, worry that they will not arrive and, worse, not to hear from them. The designer is in ink blood. Did something happen to them? Could the show take place? Did something happen to them? Could the show take place? Did something happen to them? Could the show take place? 

In Milan, the models are finally getting out of their way. The problem: all the planes for the French capital have already left. The next flight won’t take off until the next day. Panic wins the group but Naomi Campbell refuses to let herself be defeated. When she wants something, she gets it, and she’ll prove it again this time around. Neither one nor two, she digs up a phone and calls Marc Jacobs. “You have to find a solution,” she told him. Hundreds of kilometers away from his models, the designer sees no other solution than to send a jet from the house of Louis Vuitton for them urgently. “He sent us more than just a plane. It was a private jet that contained Louis Vuitton boxes for each of us “remembers the British top. As calm finally settles within the group, the top grasp the enormity of the moment. What if she took the opportunity to turn the situation around? Turn a scary day into a one-of-a-kind opportunity? “I said to you, ‘Marc, get the paparazzi here when you get off the plane. We will have our Vuitton luggage in hand to arrive at the first Marc Jacobs parade for Louis Vuitton. The result: when the jet arrives at Le Bourget, around ten photographers are waiting for them. Naomi Campbell descends from the plane like a goddess, the first “Keepall” handbag, a sky blue model, on her arm. “It looked like one of those iconic photographs from the 50s or 60s,” recalls the designer. From an at first glance chaotic experience, Naomi Campbell makes it one of the most iconic commercials in fashion history.

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