I will choose to give life, despite everything!

When I think of my great-grandmother Madeleine, my grandmother Annette, my nanny Renée, these women that I admire so much, I tell myself that in their time, they did not even ask themselves the question. : being a mother was a natural, obvious thing that went without saying, something that was instilled in their ears from birth since they were women. It was anchored in them, they were born to be mothers.

As a woman, despite all that is currently happening in the world, I find that the hope of our current world of madness lies deep in our soul, in our heart and in the hollow of our body, where life comes to life !

It seems frightening to me that in our time, becoming a mother has become more of an obvious choice! A choice that must be made, justified, even sometimes hidden against those who think that future parents are only selfish! Since when is it selfish to give birth to a child? Since when have people lost so much hope in life? Is the world so scary that it makes people so defeatist?

Global warming, depletion of resources, overpopulation in the world, the extinction of certain living beings, the resurgence of terrorism, the COVID-19 epidemic, violence against animals and humans … Yes, so much good reasons to let yourself be overcome by fear and to stop living completely. So many good reasons not to want to give birth to a child, to avoid the reality of this world which is drifting away.

But, I always thought it was better to choose life, rather than get lost in despair. Each of us on this planet can make a difference. We all have the opportunity to send a wish of hope in the great illuminated sky of this next new world that we are going to build. Guided by the moon and rocked by the rhythm of the shooting stars, let ourselves be hopeful. Frodo Baggins, Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, all were born to mothers who had hope in the world!

So I decided that if Mother Nature gives me this chance, I will choose to give birth, despite everything! It is the wish of hope, of love, of joy that I choose to send to this new world. I sincerely wish that my choice be respected as much as I respect the women who choose not to have children. It is very important to respect the choices of women, whether or not they want children, it is a choice that belongs to them.

Behind this wish for hope, there is a deep desire to see the generations to come change things, ways of doing things, mentalities, to move the world. I think it will be essential to educate our children in a different way, making them aware of the current state of the world, and what needs to be changed. It is our children who will be able to change things, if we give them all the tools in hand, that we educate them to respect nature, that we teach them respect for others, that we teach them not to repeat the same mistakes. . They are the hope of a better, a little brighter future.

To all the women who choose to have a child, despite the mess of this world, you can be proud of yourselves: at this moment, I tell you from the bottom of my heart, you have courage, a touch of madness , a lot of hope, and a ton of love within you, so be really proud of yourself!

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