Isolation in times of confinement

The government recently spoke out about its concern about the mental health of people in confinement in reaction to the terrible slaughter in Quebec City on Halloween and recommended making sure to visit people living alone. But, until now, it had nevertheless been used to limit relations with people with whom we do not live, or single people also under certain conditions of exceptions to the rule. Then, as a result, several petitions are currently circulating on social networks, in addition, in order to make professional psychological care accessible to help with mental health.

All this to say, that the signals are clear that people are isolated due to the conditions imposed by the government to manage the pandemic and it is only at this point that the government considers the mental health of its population? In fact, it’s been years and years that mental health has not been considered in society by the government, and I find it unfortunate that we have to wait for such triggers to prove that it is important.

The reality right now is that most people are confined to their homes, having essential errands as their main exit or walking outside to stretch their legs. Work, school and family life are now lived in one place: the home, the family home. So, it has become difficult to make the cuts between the different aspects of our lives and to have breaks to find each other. This can have repercussions on our mental health and the government should, in my opinion, be able to offer easy, accessible and free services with the health insurance card for the future of our society.

Otherwise, the isolation is also present since we have an impression of déjà vu on the days of work / school at home that goes by. We get up, we have lunch, we go to our office, we have dinner, we go to our office, the day ends and we stay at home to possibly go to bed and start again the next day. What is difficult from the point of view of the pandemic is that we have taken up new habits and that now going out for some can seem like a task, just to dress in other clothes. that pajamas are an effort. I do not believe that there is a miracle recipe for treating your mental health well at the present time depending on each individual’s situation, however I do believe that taking care of yourself and staying disciplined can only help.

In short, to push yourself to go outside for walks, to continue to indulge yourself in small pleasures such as ordering at a restaurant and doing activities that respect the conditions of the government. Keep doing Zoom or Facetime parties to stay in touch with your loved ones! Start new projects at home, learn new recipes, start doing yoga classes online, find ways to break out of your routine and energize yourself!

Even if you don’t necessarily feel the effects of isolation, it is there and it is better, in my opinion, to be safe than sorry!

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