Laeticia Hallyday: this imminent separation which weighs on her morale

For several months already, Laeticia Hallyday spins the perfect love with the director Jalil Lespert. It’s very simple, the two lovers never leave each other, introduced their loved ones and live as often as possible in the same place. Better yet, the wedding would even be imminent .


Arrived in the United States last February, with a visa valid for 3 months, Jalil Lespert will have to leave American soil in the coming days. A date that Laeticia Hallyday fears more than anything, because she would have liked not to be separated from her companion. To avoid this separation, the couple tried everything, in vain. This time, we will have to respect the laws. An announcement all the more difficult for the couple as travel between France and the United States is currently impossible.

While waiting to meet again, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert will do as they usually do: communicate a lot to keep the flame alive, offer each other little attentions and never lose an opportunity to declare all your love to others. A program that seems to work perfectly for the couple.

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