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I’m Suresh, and in this article, I’m going to show you 20 super cool icon pacts that will level up your Android customization.

Best Icon Pack For Android Customization

icon pack

Line bet

the first icon pack of this list is a line bit, which is developed by ads on DM, which provides you with a simplistic design that can match your device’s needs. Language series is best I can pack if you are planning to fuse it with solid color wallpapers, while the line bit series is quite colorful with the light and AC version of our white and purple. This is one of the best I can pack that I would highly recommend you to try.


Minima does not sound familiar to you as it is one of the latest players in the Android Icon pack market. Minima offers around 700 icon packs with round icons and is backed by a grey background and black surface. The color combination of these icons will perfectly suit your device background with color texture. Apart from this, minimize continually working on the development of more icons. This best Android icon pack also gives you perk of requesting 10 icons on every update of minima.

Viral Icon Pack

The viral icon pack is for those who love dark themes. This person red pack is designed to suit the dark theme devices, which offers 4 thousand plus icons. While it also provides 200 + HD wallpapers from where you can choose the best-suited wallpaper for your home screen. These icon packs also allow you to customize wallpapers according to the taste and suitability.

Rugos Icon Pack

Rugos icons which look like a crumpled sheet of paper. This set of icons contains more than 800 high-quality icons designed with three primary colors. It also has 30-plus wallpapers stored on the cloud. Despite this, the icons have a certain appeal, and it will give you Phone an elegant look.  


this icon pack is all about pure squared color and long shadows. Every icon has a colorful square with a white image casting a beautiful long shadow due to which it matches with every home screen wallpaper and gives it a minimal look. Voxel has around 3000 icons in the list, keeps on increasing every day as the developer is always busy introducing new icons design.

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Revolution Icon Pack

Next up on this list is revolution icon pack this icon pack includes 1500 plus high-quality icons from which you can choose from the icons that come with a circular design. You can adequately utilize the space of its display and place the maximum number of icons on a single display page of the screen.


Whicons are two different aspects of the same coin because Nikon features all-white icons, whereas SWOT features all black icons. If you want an ultra-minimal setup, the second pack can be a one-stop solution for you.

Glif Icon Pack

Next up, we have a Glif icon pack that offers colorful icons with gold outlines and white stripes for every icon. Glif has used colored icon themes in its icon pack. The second pack offered two thousand-plus icons which are compatible with all kind of display, including quad HD screens.

Elta Icon Pack

Elta icon packs are developed by the same developer who developed a voxel icon pack. And it is quite similar as it takes original icon colors as its background and then overlay it with the white outline icon.

Lines Icon pack

Next, off we have lines icon pack and being a fan of minimalism. This icon pack had to be my favorite; it gives a consistent look throughout your Phone by turning its icon similar to pencil sketch with sharp edges. It removes all the purples and grays that you hate from the icons and place them on a perfect background.

Zwart icon pack

 Next up, we have Zwart Icon pack specially designed for the lovers of dark themes. This icon pack support around 5,000 icons style with cloud wallpaper and highly flexible calendar and multi launcher support. It is also compatible with around 2000 Android applications.

Materialistic Icon Pack

materialistic is an icon pack, which is motivated by material design. Materialistic is a combination of dark and light colors used effectively to give out a 3d look to your device. It has a collection of more than 4,200 designs and icons, and the pack also comprises 130 cloud-based wallpapers to complement these minimal icons.

polygon icon pack

next up, we have a polygon icon pack, which is by far one of the best icon packs available on the Play Store, and guess what it’s free and has a minimal design. This helps you to enhance your Smartphone and give it a complete makeover. Some of the icons of the polygon are better than existing stock icons of your device, and the customization of images through this icon pack gives your device a subtle and noticeable look.

Black Drop Icon pack

 black drop is a pixel style I can pack, which is quite minimalistic and attractive in design. It has a rear teardrop shape of all the icons it provides, which gives you a new experience.

Moonrise icon pack

 In the contrast of previous icon packs of this list, moonrise comes with loud colors and Funny icons. Vector graphics design it with a highly Customized dashboard. Like other icon packs, it also supports cloud wallpapers and has over 1000 premium icons. 

Candy Cones icon pack

candy cones is an animated icon pack that is based on Google’s material design language. It supports over 1,000 icons, which is an extravagant number likes what it is recommended to install a custom launcher with candy corns. The cycling pack you will get multiple color variants of a single icon. 

Fluxo icon pack

Fluxo ways for those who love animation, the icon packs come with 2200 plus icons alongside 20 HD wallpapers. The Icon packs have round-shaped cartoonish icons and have gray colored shades.

Glim Icon pack

Glim Icon Pack is one of the oldest and popular Icon pack on this list. There are multiple reasons due to which Clem has maintained its position of best Android icon pack. Glim has minimal and straightforward icons for usual users now. If you are into a dark theme, there is a Clem dark theme, especially for you. Glim icon pack has a flat style icon that produces a shadow of the icons and this is one of the reasons it is appealing to the masses.

TwoPixel Icon Pack

 Two-pixel icon pack, which consists of 2,500 plus icons and 30 plus high-quality wallpapers. Which have simple pinkish outlines which makes it neat and clean in appearance?

O3 Icon Pack

The last icon pack on this list is the O 3 icon pack, which is again my favorite. The reason is that this icon pack is compatible with multiple launchers. It has handmade stylish icons that give a vibrant look to your device. The eye can seem to be hardly worked upon, and innovations can be recognized easily through the design. The icons are quite creative and innovative with the best design, and overall it gives a fresh and new look to your device.

So guys which of the above I can pack you like the most, do you think we have missed any icon pack, do you think we have missed anything do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below and for more future articles like this consider Bookmark this page. 

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