Learn to program with Game Builder Garage

What is Game Builder Garage?

In Game Builder Garage, players use an easy-to-understand visual programming language. It will therefore not be necessary to know the different programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat take years to master. Players must connect colorful creatures called Nodons in order to make their games work well. For example, they will have to connect the Nodon with a button on their Joy-Con (the Switch controller) to the desired action, such as jumping or moving.

Additionally, players will be able to visually include items of their choice, including cubes and enemies. If they want to make a platform game (similar to Super Mario Bros.), they can include platforms and decide on the size and size of these. Players can even decide what actions enemies can take.

Other elements are present in Game Builder Garage, such as a timer, music, a counter and various effects. In addition, if they wish, the players have the right to follow guided lessons in order to fully understand the operation of the software. Different possibilities will be offered to all those who wish to learn the basics of video game programming.

No limit to the imagination

You might think that only small games can be made in Game Builder Garage, but Nintendo wants to make sure that any type of game can be created by anyone who wants to do programming. The possibilities seem to be endless. Depending on what they have featured in the trailers for the software, it will be possible to make different types of games such as shooting games, puzzle games, or even fighting games and racing games. It will even be possible to make 3D games.

For those who like to draw, it will be possible to create images to use them as characters or as objects. This utility therefore makes it possible to concretely become embedded in the different stages of the creation of a game thanks to the possibility of programming and drawing. In addition, one of the great advantages of Game Builder Garage is that it will be possible to share its games with anyone who has a Nintendo Switch and the software. People from all over the world will be able to test and admire the work that goes into creating the games.

Finally, it was announced that the software can be used not only with the various controllers of the Nintendo Switch, but also with a compatible mouse that plugs into the USB port of the docking station. This option may be easier for people who prefer to use a mouse instead of a gamepad when navigating software. Game Builder Garage is therefore the game to buy for people wishing to develop games without complicating their lives.

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