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Happy and at the same time I’m not sure how much I’m feeling… well, girls, you know very well where I’m going with this… completely in the red I am. In my week, you will have understood, but I am still inspired and happy to share with you three Instagram posts / accounts that I recently discovered that leave room for real business. What I mean by this are women who are not afraid to bring up female issues and what the female body goes through and what it really looks like on a daily basis. We don’t talk about Photoshop and the like for this kind of content and I love it. It makes me proud to be a woman and it makes me want to take charge of myself.

Here are three inspiring women to follow on Instagram in order to feel like a woman, really and really a woman …

Cassie Hoe or Blogilates is an outstanding businesswoman and content creator. She is original and completely female. She assumes her femininity and everything that surrounds it. Fan of Pilates and health in general, she does not bet on her beauty to get subscribers. Instead, she opts for funny and true content. She shares with us topics such as menstruation, body hair, tsay, anything more or less pleasant …

Ariella Nyssa is an influencer for many women around the world. I’m not exaggerating at all, I’ve probably told you about this amazing woman before. It takes precedence over female pride and self-esteem. There is nothing more beautiful than to assume ourselves in all our splendor. It shows real content and only real. Reality and common sense that feels good. She is not afraid to show her body and that allows us to identify and assume ourselves. She faces a lot of hateful comments on social media, but trust me that’s not what keeps her from shining …

I conclude that basically, you have to take responsibility. Women, we are beautiful as a whole, in every period of our life too… if you know what I mean.

Psst: dear reader, dear woman: you are beautiful, you are good, you are capable!

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