Letting Go Before It’s Too Much: Two Series From Here On Mental Illness

Because I consider it essential to showcase the work of local artisans, but above all because I find it essential to give a central place in the Quebec television industry (and everywhere else) to the theme of mental illness in order to destigmatize it, I offer two funny and touching Quebec series to discover or rediscover that deal with this subject.

Let go

Letting go is the story of Valérie, a single mother who is experiencing professional burnout. Although she tries to deny it at first, she will gradually be persuaded to seek help. Surrounded by her mother, her ex-husband and her best friend, Valérie begins her healing process. His journey will be strewn with encounters, adventures and pitfalls, but also laughter, beauty and love. The series also deals with several other topics including homosexuality and family.

Regularly awarded at Gémeaux and at the Gala ARTIS, Isabelle Langlois’ comedy is a must. It is easy to get attached to each of the characters, who all have a color of their own. The script is punctured and pushes us, in spite of ourselves, to chain multiple episodes.

The series, starring the talented Sophie Cadieux, was broadcast on Radio-Canada from 2017 to 2020. To watch it again, you have to go to the Tou.tv website (or application) ( Extra). The series is made up of four seasons of 13 episodes of about twenty minutes.

Too much

Trop tells the story of two sisters: that of Isabelle, a young professional, and that of Anaïs, who recently learned of having bipolar disorder. Over the course of the episodes, viewers witness the development of the two women following this diagnosis. Isabelle has to juggle between her need to be constantly there for her sister and her desire to climb the ladder at her job.

Through meeting with her social worker, her entourage and medication, Anaïs gradually learns to live with her mental illness. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to his spontaneity. This generates, most of the time, a host of funny situations, but also, sometimes, more disturbing and sensitive moments.

Isabelle is played by Evelyne Brochu, while the role of Anaïs is played by Virginie Fortin. The Trop series is the first fiction series in which we can admire Virginie Fortin as an actress.

Marie-Andrée Labbé’s comedy has received numerous nominations for the Gemini Awards. In addition to addressing bipolarity, she puts forward themes such as transsexuality, motherhood, polyamory, sexual misconduct in the workplace, etc. Finally, the recurring characters of the series are authentic. We like to follow them through the episodes and see them question themselves and surpass themselves.

The last episode of this series, composed of three seasons, was broadcast yesterday on Radio-Canada. All episodes are accessible via the Tou.tv (Extra) platform. Each season includes 13 episodes of just under half an hour.

Finally, we like Let Go and Too Much , because women occupy a prominent place both behind and in front of the screen, allowing their incredible strength to be revealed.

For my part, these are two series that were a weekly meeting with my mom, our mother-daughter activity on Monday (or Wednesday) evening. These are therefore suitable for an audience of all ages. These are wonderful, dynamic achievements that will undoubtedly charm you. Now that they are both finished, we can’t wait to discover the new shows that will be added to the Radio-Canada schedule.

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