Lifting and liposuction: “When I saw myself, I wondered: but who is this woman”

WHAT Bothered her: “My neck was thickened, despite a slender figure. As I had difficult thyroid problems to manage, I told myself that it was time for a change: I changed my diet, saw the doctor to adjust my thyroid dosage and I also did a lower face lift! “

WHAT DECIDED HER: “I consulted four surgeons. The first one, in particular, spoke to me above all about technique and wanted to operate on my eyelids even though I had not even spoken to him about it! The last one was the correct one. Noticing that I was hesitating, he offered to come back and see him if I wanted, without any form of commitment. He showed me before and after photos that I liked. I put him three times before finally making an appointment for the operation. This possibility of discussing with him on several occasions reassured me, I felt confident. That’s really what allowed me to take the plunge and have the operation. “

THE INTERVENTION: “I was afraid of the unknown, I wondered how I would be, if it would show … But I had no problem during the operation and all the medical team – surgeon, anesthetist and nurse – was listening. I just needed to be reassured and comforted in my choice. It is not easy to tell yourself that you are making the decision to have surgery. “

ON THE FOLLOWING DAYS: “When I woke up, I didn’t feel any pain and I just had an Easter egg-like bandage. I went out the next day without bruises or marks, just edema around the ears. I took fifteen days of vacation. The area was a little hard and sensitive, I kept the feeling of a hard skin for a month and I didn’t dare to wear earrings for six months. “

TODAY: “It’s me, but better. I am much more comfortable in my skin, smiling, I feel prettier! Before, I was transparent. Today I stand much straighter, no longer hide the lower part of my face and have had my hair cut. I appreciate the one I see in the mirror, I even took the selfie! “

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: “‘You changed something, but what?’ I am told resplendent, sparkling and calmer! People also find that I have very good skin. The most astonishing thing is that it is mainly the women who give me compliments. “

AND TOMORROW ? : “I don’t think I want to continue the surgery. I simply wanted to please myself because I couldn’t stand my reflection in the mirror… I am more attracted to Ayurvedic massages in India than to aesthetic treatments at the doctor! “

“Catherine arrived with the gestures of a woman much older than she was. She thought she was doing something for her face, I advised her to have chin liposuction and a facelift. This word is always scary, but once I have explained the procedure for the operation and shown the photos before, during the healing and afterwards, the patients are generally convinced. I saw her twice so that she could ask all her questions and be calm. The lower the stress level, the simpler the consequences. Operated at the end of March, she spent a night in the hospital and had the bandage and silicone drains removed the next day. She had bruises on her neck from the liposuction and edema in her ears, easy to hide when you have hair long enough to cover the angle of the jaw. You can go out on the third day and resume work after eight days, fifteen if you have a job where representation is important. The real result is seen after six months. No, everything is not going to collapse because we continue to age, ten years later, we are still better than in the photos before the operation. The condition ? Have a healthy lifestyle and maintain your skin. “

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