#Metoo project: Courage to be highlighted

The following text was written within the framework of the project “Hommage aux fxmmes #metoo”. The idea behind this project is to offer a new voice to the #metoo movement, particularly directed towards denunciations by women of sexual assault or misconduct, although women are not the only victims of violence. sexual. The authors who will take part in the project will share with you their thoughts, opinions, observations as well as their support, love and wishes for the future for the cause of sexual violence. 

– Laurianne André, bachelor in sexology

Whether it’s in the movies, on TV, at family celebrations and any social event really, it feels like it’s impossible to escape it. As a man, it’s easy to categorize inappropriate comments and innuendo as a joke, but when I put myself in the place of the intended people, I can only feel uncomfortable and find it missing. empathy. The oppression of women is systemic and the best example that comes to mind is the ubiquity of female nudity in culture. A woman seems to have to strip naked to be able to launch her career and all the excuses seem good, including no reason (see Fifth Element, even if it’s a bit old). A perhaps cynical part of me expects that a small part of those who are very keen on seeing naked or scantily clad women in their films will perhaps try to take advantage of these actresses …

What I find even more disturbing is telling myself that while all of these behaviors are or have already been socially accepted, I don’t even dare to imagine what takes place behind closed doors, where there is no has more pressure from society. Deciding to denounce inappropriate acts committed by a person having an influence on their career must therefore take immense courage for these women. Firstly because of the power dynamic, the accused person may try to destroy the career or the life of the person who accuses him, but also because some will try to diminish and excuse the actions of the accused. , whether it’s because “it’s not her style” or, worst of all, “that she was looking for him”.It’s probably obvious, but this idea that a victim might want to be a victim seems absolutely absurd to me and has to go away at all costs if we want to see an improvement or, ideally, a resolution, of the situation.

I hope that one day everyone will be on an equal footing, that there will no longer be any power dynamics or undue pressure. I hope I no longer hear a word of objectifying a waitress and no longer hear someone apologize for unacceptable behavior because “Boys will be boys”. I also hope that all those who wish to speak out or testify can do so without fear of reprisal and that these acts of immense courage will be normalized to hold all criminals accountable for their actions. To a lesser extent, I hope this normalization will make it easier to discuss awkward situations.with those who create them. I believe (or at least I hope) that no one wants to hurt, but these people just don’t realize that their behaviors / comments are inappropriate. By creating a climate more open to this kind of discussion, I also hope that it will invite introspection and I am convinced that society can only do better for it! 

Ultimately, it’s tangential to the subject, but I hope everyone can be treated in the normal course of justice and fairly. Everyone should be able to accuse a criminal without fear of reprisal, but this alleged criminal must also be entitled to the presumption of innocence. The current situation with professors who are doxed in France and at the University of Ottawa represents the possible drifts if this fundamental rule is not accepted. A teacher commits an act deemed morally unacceptable by one person and that person then decides what happens to that teacher. This is unacceptable and I believe that no one can be a judge, jury and executioner no matter how tempting it may be.

In short, the #metoo movement really gives me hope that we are moving towards a better society and I still want to underline the courage of all those who have spoken, it is quite an example of courage and I tip my hat to you!

(It goes without saying that if anyone wants to talk about it, I’m all ears!)

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