The MSI alpha 15 arrived in our office, and we decided why not make an Article on this because this seems like a powerpack laptop. A budget-friendly version of the MSI alpha 15 is on a great deal in India right now. I’ll be talking about it at the end,  so make sure to read the article.

MSI Alpha 15 Laptop Full Review


Let’s talk about the MSI alpha 15 now, okay so the MSI alpha 15 is a pretty power pack laptop with a lot of features, but there are two major highlights that Good is really interested:

  1. The display
  2. The AMD CPU and GPU

#1 Display

so I’m going to start with this excellent beautiful display. The MSI 15 comes with a 15.6” Full HD IPS panel with a 144-hertz refresh rate Pannel. The laptop comes with AMD free sync support which dynamically adjusts the differentiate to make sure gains look much smoother, and there’s no screen deal. I and Suresh from our team have been playing games on the MSI alpha 15.

when the display has been brilliant. The experience has been smooth, and it has the screen looks excellent .the colours are Chris to there’s adequate brightness, the viewing angles are high yeah it’s a tremendous all-around display. Anyway, not just games I’ve watched some Netflix too on the laptop, and it looks fantastic to see up. I think the 144 has display lives up to its expectations.

I like it. I like the fact at the top, and the side bezels are tiny. The bottom bezel is a little tape to accommodate the MSI logo, which is okay. Overall I like the display.  

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#3 The AMD CPU and GPU 

The GPU front there’s a 7 nanometre Radeon RX 5500 M. We have two storage days a 512 GB Kingston name SSD. in love with an empty 2.5-inch drive bay where you can either use a regular HDD or SATA SSD there’s also 16 gigs of ram. Now all of these are some great specs, the Ryzen rise in the combo is said to be better than the core i5 9300 edge processor. The Nvidia is 1650 GPU, and it shows in the benchmarks.

#4 Games in Laptop

the games we played several games on the Alpha 15 ranging from CoD, Pubg, and apex legends. It’s cleared the laptop can handle almost any game you throw at it. But hey we wanted to push the Radeon RX 5500 M to its limits. Because yeah like I said it was a first. I’m testing it, so we played all the games on 1080p high graphics settings. The average FPS was Perfect. In Pubg we got a Normal FPS of around 75 FPS which I think is pretty good in apex legends the FPS was about 75 80 which again is pretty good.

When it comes to COD warzone, we got an FPS of approximately 78 80, which is nice. The alpha 15 can handle triple-a titles with a lot of ease, and you can always get even better frame rates by knowing the graphics of it.

#5 Thermal performance of the Alpha 15

I also like the thermal performance of the Alpha 15, the dual cooling fans. A lot of heat pipes thanks to the whole cool your booster five systems. The keyboard egg does get a little warm at times, but we did not get the urge to crank up the fan or give the system some rest.

Now the fans are usually pretty silent, but they do get a bit loud when you switch to extreme performance mode. So after our MSI alpha, 15 is a pretty good performer.

#6 Power Consumption 

what about the power consumption well the MSI alpha 15 has a pretty modest battery. So we are talking about a 51 watt are poorly packed with a 180-watt adapter. Yeah that’s not a big battery, and in my uses, the laptop only lasted for two to three hours at max. and you know playing games the computer plugged in, but yeah the battery performance of this laptop is pretty average.

 Now, apart from the AMD CPU GPU the create 144 Hertz display what about the rest of this laptop. The design from the MSI alpha 15 looks functional I mean it lags the whole game rescue black/red vibe MSI is known for instead it offers a matte black aluminium lead with this green Phoenix logo which I think looks beautiful.

There’s no RGB Lights here if you’re expecting that the laptop has a regular plastic chassis for the silver paint job around the keyboard and I think it looks pretty functional. In this laptop get the two cooling fans and the speakers.

#7 Ports

 MSI 15 comes with the port’s there’s HDMI, mini Display Port, Ethernet, USB-C and USB ports. The mic and headphone jack on the left side and the right you get two USB ports and SD card slot and the AC adapter. One thing I like here are the RGB late USB ports they look cool, and they’re easy to find a plug-in peripheral at night.

#8 Keyword

I’m going to this keyboard it’s a full-size steel series keyboard which isn’t cramped, and it has perky RGB lighting support which is excellent. If you like that sort of customisation and as you can see, there is a dedicated Steel Series button on the top to cycle through the different lighting modes.

I have always liked the SteelSeries keyboards on MSI laptops, and things aren’t any different on the MSI alpha 15. The typing experience is excellent once I got used to it essential travel is decent and well no complaints on the keyboard front. Then there’s this trackpad which is a tad bit on the smaller side which is okay because you’re anyway going to use a mouse to play games.

The touchpad here supports windows pressures and drivers and when the buttons are creaky but loud.

# 9 Sound Quality

I like about the MSI Alfa 15 except for maybe the sound quality. MSI 15 is said to have good speakers it’s written right here, but the sound output is pretty average. The production is not as loud as you would expect and the base is in that crate, so the speaker’s here are average.


The MSI alpha 15 is available on Amazon. Still, like I said there’s another variant of this laptop that’s usually available for 75, 80 K but right now during the Flipkart big shopping day sale, it’s convenient for just 69 990, and that’s an excellent price for this laptop. If I am wondering what’s the difference between the two alpha 15 variants well, there’s not a not.

The MSI alpha 15 the 70k variant brings the same design of 120 hertz IPS display which is still pretty high. It has the same specs yes Rizon 7 plus Radeon RX 5500 M GPU with the same cooler booster five cooling systems. Which means the performance should be high there’s also a 256gb SSD plus one the HDD combo. The same configure board, but no perky RGB customisation.

So yes if you ask me at 70 K, the MSI alpha 15 a 3 DD 0 4 4 iron with all these great specs and features seems pretty high. The battery performance and speakers are average. But at 70K the pros of the MSI alpha 15 far outweigh its cons so yeah I think it’s just a great deal.

What do you think of the MSI alpha 15? tell us in the comment section below also, do note that we are talking about the deal price of the MSR 15. so the prices might fluctuate after the big shopping day sale is over. Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one.


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