New Pokémon Snap: Between novelty and nostalgia

When I was talking about the games I wanted to see remakes for the Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Snap was one of them. For those unfamiliar with the original game, which was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, it is a first person photography game with rail shooter style game mechanics. . The principle was to follow an almost fixed course and take pictures of Pokémon. No sequel or remake had been released, until this day, where New Pokémon Snap appeared in April 2021 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Back to basics

Like any game developed by Nintendo, the expectations were (very) high. Even though players were already familiar with the basic mechanics of the original game, they were wondering if there were going to be any significant additions or changes. However, the principle remains the same as the 1999 version, that is to say that they embark on a photo safari and meet the Pokémon in their natural habitat.

I must say, the principle of this game is quite simple. Players don’t have to learn multiple hits or different combos. They don’t even have to move, since the route is done automatically. They simply need to take pictures and throw objects (such as an apple or an orb) for the Pokemon to interact with them. There is also the presence of a melody that can trigger unique reactions in these creatures. These elements allow you to take the best possible photos.

Oh, it’s so beautiful!

Even though I suspected that the principle of the game was going to resemble in every way the one I played in my childhood, I must say that what particularly attracted me was the beauty of the places to visit. Indeed, it is easy to immerse yourself in the places where the different types of Pokémon live. I quickly developed a passion for places to explore, such as the beach, the jungle, or even the volcano. Even if we do the course once, we want to do it again. There are 12 levels, which can be broken down into a few variations. A route can be explored during the day, at night or at dawn.

In my case, I never tired of continually revisiting the places I had previously visited. It must be said that New Pokémon Snap contains an experience point system based on the photos captured according to different criteria, such as pose, placement in the photo, etc. It is important to take a picture of the different behaviors of each Pokémon present in the game in order to increase its experience points.

These elements make it possible to increase the level of research of the different routes. By accessing a new level of research, new Pokémon appear in the courses already visited. In addition, the events that take place there are also different. Each course contains various secrets that are continually to be discovered over the hours spent playing New Pokémon Snap.

Is this game worth it?

One of the main criticisms is the lack of ambition and originality of this game, which corresponds almost in every way to the original. But in my opinion, that’s what makes the strength of this game, since it’s nostalgia that takes up the most space. About ten hours is required for players who simply want to finish the game as quickly as possible. On the other hand, those who wish to complete the entire game, that is to say take a picture of all the Pokémon present in all the levels and according to their different behaviors, it will be necessary to use greater patience.

Also, since we are in the era of virtual communities, players can upload their photos online to share them with other players. In doing so, they will be able to admire the photos of others and will also be able to brag about having taken the best photos, at the best time and in the best place. In short, New Pokémon Snap is a fun game for young and old. It makes us have a good time in a heavenly universe filled with Pokémons.

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