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Hey guys, I’m Suresh. In this article, I discuss Oneplus bullets Wireless Earphones. The Oneplus bullets Wireless Z phones alongside the Oneplus 8 series I have been super excited to check it out. I mean it just Opie’s 2000 DS seems like great value for money earphones. So when the bullets wirelessly went on sale, I quickly ordered it. And yeah, I’ve been using it for quite some time now. 

oneplus 8

This is the one OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, and this is our review. okay so let me give you a little background here,

See, I love the one possible its Wireless one and before the Z came along. I was using the bullets Wireless 2 as my primary here phones. Now when the bullets while is Z arrived, what got my attention is the price, which is good and the fact that it’s not a whole lot different than the bullets Wireless 2. 

so I started using the one faced bullets Wireless the extensively, and yeah, it’s clear that Oneplus has got some corners to get the price down. But you know what one possibility I’ll is the even better is the one press bullets Wireless 2 in some aspects. Yeah, make sure to watch the full article to know all of that.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z BOX Earphones


 Now starting, here’s what you get in the bullets Wireless Z BOX. Headsets I use DC cable and these ear tips yep that’s it. You don’t get the silicon case you get with the bullets Wireless too. But honestly, I’m not complaining. I did not use it anyway.

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Design of Oneplus bullets Wireless Z


It is Now coming to the design of the bullets while SZ is the same recognizable neckband designed with the same rubberized cable. but if you can’t notice it, the difference lies in the material used in the earbuds see unlike the bullets Wireless. – which had a metal design here the bullets while is he has a flexible design in the earbuds. Yes, it’s something you should know, and yeah, it is noticeable since it’s crossing. I think the bullets wirelessly looks decent enough. 


I like that it’s available in some fresh colors, although yeah, I went for the black version. Anyway, since it is plastic, it’s slightly lighter than the one place bullets wireless 2 – at just 29 grams. And yeah, these are super comfortable to use for long hours. I mean, I’ve always found the one plus bullets wireless earphones very pleased, and Z is just no exception. The rubberized neckband is comfortable, and even the earbuds fit me perfectly. I don’t think you’ll have any issues using the Z for long hours because I used to keep them on all day. Plus, unlike the bullets Wireless one and two, the bullets wireless Z comes with an IP rating. The IP 55 sweat and water-resistant to be more specific, and I think this is great to have.

Features of Oneplus Wireless Earphones

 Now that coming to the controls and features, the Oneplus bullets Wireless Z brings the same controls and features like the other. One plus first bullets wireless earphones, but there are a couple of adorable changes .so you get the power button on the left end of the neckband with a very well hidden white LED light just above it. You can also use this to pair the earphones or turn it on or off, but with the Oneplus bullets while SZ, you can also use this to switch between two pair devices quickly.

  • Double click and switch 
  • Double click again and switch back 

Yeah, this is very useful because I keep switching from my phone to my laptop and vice versa. If you’re wondering when it comes to pairing the bullets, wireless z has quick pair support with Oneplus phones. But it did not work for me even after multiple tries. Say I match the earphones the old-fashioned way, but it was quick and easy on the 70 as well as the red make a 20 so no issues there. But yeah, I hope once this fixes this immediate pair issue because that’s pretty cool.

Oneplus Wireless Earphones Buttons

Now coming back to more buttons, you get these three inline buttons on the left here bud, and they’re still tiny and not so tactile. You get switches for volume up and volume down and an action button which we use to play pause or skip tracks turn on Google assistant and answer end calls. Everything works fine, and I think the button works almost instantly, so no issues. Apart from that, there’s also the glade magnetic control, which we have come to expect from Oneplus bullets wireless earphones, and yeah, it works great. You can snap them together to pause music and take them apart to autoplay yeah it works like a charm.

Sound Quality of Oneplus wireless earphone

 moving on to one of the most important aspects of a wireless earphone the sound quality. The lower price of the one plus bullets wireless Z gives the impression that it might not be as good as saying the bullets Wireless 2. in fact, on paper to the one-piece bullets while a Z comes with 9.2-millimeter drivers compared to 10-millimeter drivers on the bullets Wireless 2. However, I check things out. I tested it on the redmi k20 and one plus 7T, and I think the song quality is pretty good. See the one place billets wireless. He gets very loud, and I did not notice any distortion at the max volumes. I also found the instrument separation decent enough, and the soundstage is pretty lovely too. When it comes to the bass, I found it to be good too, but yeah, sometimes the tump is a bit missing in bass-heavy tracks.

 Look, I think for the price, the Oneplus bullet wireless Z offer creates sound quality no doubts about that.

Compare Oneplus Wireless earphones z with Older version

now, if you want to compare it to the bullets Wireless 2 – yeah, let me be honest the bullets Wireless 2 – does offer better overall audio quality. Still, it’s not a big difference, which is saying something .also there’s another thing to note the bullets wirelessly supports high-quality AAC audio files but does not support aptX HD codec. Which is something you’ll find in bullets Wireless 2. apart from that, I also made a lot of calls from these earphones, and I did not find any issues? The people from the other side never complained about any problems from the Z’s microphone. Overall at this price. I am delighted with the bullets while it is the sound quality. Now another thing that people are always worried about in Bluetooth earphones is latency while playing games like say Pubg on mobile. 

So the bullets wirelessly come with Bluetooth 5.0 and on Oneplus performs with native mode. There’s a low latency more as well in my testing. I think the lag was pretty small. I played some pub G sessions on the Oneplus 7T as well as the redmi k20. I did not find any latency issues whatsoever with the bullets Wireless Z.

Battery Life of Oneplus earphone

 Next, up, another big highlight of the bullets wireless Z is the battery life and charging it’s insane. The bullets wireless Z are rated to last 20 hours on a single charge 20 hours he has that is insane. I mean, in comparison, the bullets Wireless 2 is rated to last 14 hours. So yeah double as well as he offers crazy battery life, and in my usage, I think the earphones lasted on 18, 18 and a half hours, which is good. I got these earphones on 15th May, and I had only charged it yesterday, so yeah, I think I’m going to cost it weekly. Plus, there’s more charge support, which gives you 10 hours of charge in just 10 minutes of charging, and yeah, that is awesome. I also checked the full charge time, and the 30 T wall charger fully charges the CEO phones in around 24 minutes.

Over on, if you ask me at just rupees 2000, I think the Oneplus bullets wireless Z. I SuperDuper value for money, and a lot of people in our team love it. I bought it for George’s purchased. The bullets wireless z the offers are excellent comfortable designed with features like device switching, which is honestly my favourite new feature. There’s also magnetic control, which is created, and it brings excellent sound quality fantastic battery life and super fast charging. Now at less than 2000 rupees, you have other options like the Realme Buds wireless, MI Neckband Earphones. Still, honestly the Oneplus bullets Wireless Z is just better than these beat when it comes to features battery or sound quality. It’s just better. 

If you are wondering about the bullets Wireless 2, I think it’s still an excellent choice for a complete audio experience and a slightly more premium design. But yeah, at the end of it all, if you’re planning to buy the bullets Wireless Z go ahead do it, it’s an earphone I will recommend. 

That was our review of the new one plus bullets wireless Z earphones, and if you still have any questions around these earphones, comment down below, and I’ll try to answer as many as I can. Who is considering buying the new bullet’s wireless z earphones? 


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