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An Onlyfans is a paid account that you subscribe to on social networks like Instagram and Snapchat . Sports coaches, models, artists who give lessons on their art or, very often, sexual content. But behind the broadcast image hides the story of the person. 

Poor mental health, bullying, coming out or even illness. These are all trials that human beings have to face in their lifetime. For others, these are the fights they have been fighting for a long time so that one day they can stick their heads above water.

For Carolanne Bergeron, a young lady in her twenties from the Saguenay region of Quebec, misadventures, bullying and people’s negativity forged the woman she has become today. A model who is not afraid to say out loud what people think softly, artistically on social media.

In those early days, she was embarrassed to pose in front of the lens’ eye. A few touch-ups to make these photos up to par was what she was asking for at first. But little by little, her self-confidence grew so that she specialized in the boudoir style.

“I started to embark on my modeling career two years ago. It was hard for me to start after a long sick leave and be locked in my house. My morale had taken a hit. But, in front of the camera, I learned to love myself more. To love my female body ”, expresses the young model, Carolanne Bergeron.

One thing leading to another, this young woman has chained several photo contracts to be able to stand out in modeling. In an artistic and provocative way, she doesn’t hesitate to show her image to send a positive message about the beauty and the blending of all the bodies we can see. 

Personal reasons

The story is long for Ms. Bergeron on the reasons that led her to expose herself as a boudoir model on social networks.

Mental health, youth bullying and coming out in high school made Carolanne spread her wings and make her own way to reap the rewards of her labor. To have collaborated with many photographic artists, to return to the job market to plan for the future and to be natural without taking into account the judgments of others.

“- She has a nice ass the new. This is the sentence that DA (name under anonymity) told me on the first day of secondary school in French class. It was awkward and really not discreet that I hoped no one would pay attention to what he was saying to watch me. I will always remember those words as the start of my fight against bullying ”. 

“I was ” the invisible ” during high school. The person that we do not see too much, that we do not really give importance in the eyes of the most popular. But still the ideal scapegoat to be the target of mockery. I’m Wicca, and hearing negative allusions to my belief as ” witch ” or ” she is going to spell us ” made me ashamed. I was hiding from what I was so that it would stop ”.

Extract from Carolanne Bergeron

When I was of age, I decided to change

It’s hard to get up and move on when you’ve been hurt in the past. In Carolanne’s case, it was an opportunity to be able to break her chains and be herself.

So she persevered in the modeling business and opened an Onlyfans social media account to show that even with imperfections, a woman is naturally beautiful.

“A body is beautiful and we owe it to ourselves to share its beauty in ourselves, no matter what physique we have,” says Ms. Bergeron.

It is certain that at the beginning, Carolanne often had uncomfortable comments for the content that she produces. But over time, his artistic and provocative photos gave way to words of inspiration and encouragement.

Pose lightly, with pearls on the body to give the illusion of wearing a swimsuit or to be yourself.

“I took a photo in a swimsuit with an EKG placed on me. There was a lot of judgment. The machine may not look good, but the girl underneath can be. I stopped worrying about other people’s comments, ”she says.

Despite all the misadventures that Carolanne Bergeron had during her adolescence, she never gave up. Of course, several people encouraged him to get up. But it was thanks to the support of her partner Sara, who is also a photographer, that she brushed aside all the negativity to focus on the positive message of loving yourself.

Currently, Ms. Bergeron continues her professional activities. Thanks to the income generated by her Onlyfans account , she is shaping her future with several projects in modeling and fashion such as creating a gender-neutral clothing line. Also, the wish to be a mother, by in vitro fertilization, is in these plans.

It is thanks to her fight and to being proud to be herself on social networks that Carolanne Bergeron has come a long way to accept and love herself. It is the morality that judgments should never be made on the cover of a book, but rather on its content.

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