Realme Buds

Hey guys, this is a Suresh, and I don’t look like him but believe me. It is me, and these are the Realme buds, and I know these look like Apple earpods but believe me these are the real me. Anyway, these iPods closed back in a lot of features for I think one-third of the price. So what do they bring?

Realme Buds

We talk about that but before we get started, so let’s begin by talking about the unique thing in the Realme buds air.

Design of Realme Buds

The design yeah just kidding. But yeah let’s start by talking about the airport’s resemblance and make no mistake the readme buds in look strikingly similar scratch that the same as the airports. It’s got a similar-looking stem design and the overall look. It’s got the same charging case that says designed by real me. Heck, even the senses are aligned the same as in the airports. Yeah, there are some differences like the fact that the chrome ring if that’s also a chrome ring is a little different looking. The build quality is nowhere close to as good as the airports. But considering the huge price difference, I am not complaining.

Overall these look like airport clothes no doubts about that I mean I’m pretty sure that anyone who sees these new white birds air.

Types of colors

  1. Black
  2. Yellow

These are the airport’s now also the black and yellow gradients. If you ever wanted yellow or black airports any of the airport’s resemblance aside, what features do the real me birds Air bring .well quite a lot of them? First, up the Reedy buds air comes with the r-1 chip with Bluetooth 5.0 similar to the h1 disk in airports. Yeah, they even named the chip Similar. Well, the other chip is said to bring low latency and most stable connection there are also gaming more that’s supposed to reduce latency by more than 50%. Well, I only played a couple of games of Pubg Mobile with Bert’s Air on and I think the lag was pretty low but nothing extraordinary.

 So far, things seem positive, but I will be testing things out extensively in the coming days, as for the stable connection well barring it is a little bit of pain.

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How to Connect Realme Buds

  1. you first have to open the case press this button for a few seconds wait for the air buds to play with each other.
  2. open Bluetooth settings on your phone to finally pair them, so it’s a little bit of work, but I think for the price we can’t let that slide anyway. Once you match the air force, the connection remains pretty stable, and they even connect quickly when you open up the case.

Features of Realme Air Buds

 coming back to the functions, there are also touch controls in which do take some time getting used. You can double-tap to play or pause answer calls now pressed launch the assistant and long press on both sides to activate the gaming mode which I talked about. By the way, there is no hey Google support so you’ll have to use these touch controls, now apart from the touch controls the read me but I have their detection. So the music pauses when you take the earphones out of your ear and automatically plays when you put them back in yeah it’s beautiful.

 They’re dual mics and ENC for calls, and I made a few calls with these earbuds, and the quality wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. I tested this out with multiple phones, and the issue was quite persistent. I mean you can’t talk with these earphones, but yeah you might annoy the other person on the court.

Sound quality

 now coming to the sound quality of the reinvent buds and this is one area. Where the real me buds era sound. There’s AC support which is excellent, and there’s dynamic bass boost driver, and the pace on these things is pretty good.

It’s not just big three me buds I get pretty loud there’s no distortion at max volumes the highs are great, and the bass like I said is pretty good.

 I think the sound quality of the readme buds come very close to what you get with the airports. With the bass being better and that is great.

Compare Realme buds with under 5k air buds

Now how do they compare against other truly wireless earbuds under 5k? Well, that’s a question we’ll answer in a separate Article soon so stay tuned.

Real me earbuds comfort

Since they are made of plastic and the experience I think is very much like the airports. See if the video is like the fit comfortably on Akshay and the windows ears both of whom also love airports you will be pretty happy with these. However if you like me and these earbuds don’t fit in perfectly for you, they can be pretty comfortable as well. So what I suggested to do is try out the readme buds and before you go ahead and buy them but how exactly are going to do that.

If the don’t fit well wait for the real Bud’s Air pro, well time now for the customary head-banging test by none other than Akshay.

Battery backup of Realme earbuds

 Lastly, there’s the battery that read me buds battery. I said to last three hours on a single charge, and they can go up to 17 hours with the included case. Now in my usage to read me butts easily lasted three hours and sometimes they even lasted longer, which is excellent.

 Plus the case here is a wireless charging case which I think is pretty amazing at this price. You can charge it with the new 10-watt wireless charger from real me or any other qi wireless charger. I mean the air pods with the wireless charging case cost around 20,000 rupees sir this is good. Now if you don’t use wireless chargers, you can charge this case over USB see so yeah.

There’s that well that’s pretty much everything about. The new Realme buds air at 3,999 these are some feature-packed genuinely wireless earbuds. Yes, they look almost identical to the airports. Still, I’m sure some people might find that attractive and the brief features like wear detection touch controls are gaming mood for low latency and a wireless charging case with USB C, which is fantastic.

I mean they’re not perfect nobody in her office has gotten used to the touch controls and the voice quality on calls is yeah a little average. But if you look at the price the readme buds air a real value for money.


 But like I said we would be comparing the daily buds a versus the competition to get a better idea if you should buy this or not so yeah stay tuned. 

 I quite like these airports I mean the Realme buds,  yeah the joke never gets old anyway. What do you think of these tell us in the comment section below also if you have any questions on Realme buds Air ask away and we’ll answer in the next article?.

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