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It’s time for the word it should you buy the Realme X 50 Pro or wait for the Oneplus 8.


The Realme X 50 pro-5g arrived in India recently. The first budget flagship of 2020. Now there are two significant questions around it :

  1. Should you buy this 40,000 rupees phone from Realme.
  2. Should you rather wait for the ultimate budget flagship the Oneplus 8?

Well, I have been using this phone as my daily driver for quite some time now. so I’m going to answer all of your questions

Realme X 50 pro review

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Let’s begin with our real me X 50 pro review. Okay, so you have seen a first impressions video, and you probably know pretty much everything about it. The new Realme X 50 pro, so you know what I’m going to keep things straight forward and crisp. so what are the three most important aspects about the real me X 50 Pro

  1. Superfast Hardware
  2. Flagship Camera
  3. 65-W Fast Charger

so let’s take it one by one starting you know the specs of the expected Pro

 The hardware of realme X 50 Pro

 Let’s make it one by one, starting you know, the specs of the expected Pro, and excellent hardware

  1. snapdragon 865
  2. LP ddr4 ram
  3. UFS 3.0 storage

These are the specs you’re going to hear a lot in 2020. First up numbers aside like I said, this is the phone. I have been using it as my daily driver and so far on the performance front. The readme Pro does not disappoint; it’s just a fluid lag-free experience beard when it comes to day-to-day usage of playing high-end games and trust me when I say that I’ve played a lot of games on this phone and it’s already lag-free.

However, I did some tests on the game in front, so we ran the game bench test.

Performance of Snapdragon 865 in Realme X 50 pro

The snapdragon 865 on the X 50 Pro is performing when it comes to frame rates, so we play Pubg mobile at HDR and ultra-settings. The phone and the frame rates were around 40 fps, most of the time, and as you can see from the game badge results. The frame rate was consistent 97% of the time, which is excellent performance. You also take the battery drain during this test and in an hour. The Full lost 18% battery, which is decent enough it’s a powerful jet setting.  

I checked is UFS 3.0 on the readme x50 Pro vs.UFS 3.1 on the IQoo 3 because Realme claims that their storage is just fast.


So I ran out of storage benchmark on both the phones and turns out the real me 850 pros ufs 3.0 storage is marginally faster than the UFS 3.1 storage on the IQ 3. so yeah the claims are indeed valid, I don’t know the flagship hardware the Realme 850 probe does its job very well. I think it’ll do great in the long run as well. I’m positive.

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Realme 5x pro Camera review

The quad cameras you get on the real make 50 Pro, and honestly, I was a little underwhelmed by this because this is the same camera setup as the real me x2 Pro. See, I was expecting Sony’s new imx6 86 64-megapixel sensor on the X 50 Pro. Because I think that’s going to the standard in 2020, but it’s not here anyway specs aside, do these cameras qualify as flagship great cameras. The answer is no, but they are decent for the price.


Low Light Image

So you have some photos I have taken from the phone. The Realme makes x 50 pro easily beats the IQoo 3 when it comes to the cameras, but when compared to the oneplus 7T, it comes quite close. But still falls a little behind let me show you:

Realme cameras aside, the front cameras here are more exciting. The Pixel 3 XL in 2018 came with an ultra-wide-angle camera on the front, and ever since then, I’ve always wanted an ultra-wide camera on the front. But finally, the X 50 pro brings it, and I think this is useful.

I mean, check out this usual selfie and the ultra-wide selfie. The primary camera does an excellent job with the details on the face, and it’s an all-around good selfie. The wide-angle selfie isn’t as detailed. The look is a little smoother out, but you get a full view, so I like it. Honestly, the front cameras of the Realme 50 pro are inspiring, and I hope more and more companies follow the X 50 Pro and bring ultra-wide lenses to the front camera. 

Now coming to the back cameras where I said, they’re decent to be the primary camera the ultra-wide-angle lens. The portrait mode, but yeah, there’s no I make 686 no 4k 60fps no OS. so yeah it’s nothing extraordinary 

Realme X 50 Pro Super fast 65w charger

The third most important thing about the X 50 Pro is its new 65-watt super dodge charger, and it’s the most exciting feature of the real me X 50 Pro. See, let me give you an idea by making a comparison.


Those are the three most important aspects of the Realme x50 pro, but what about the rest of the phone. I mean, I know a lot of you guys think Realme is launching phones with the same design again and again, and well, I agree, but yeah, this is a lot more premium than previously in my phones. The same finish you get on oneplus telephones, so this is nicer. I like the design, especially the new colors and this also steals your speakers here, which are good so good job. 

There’s no headphone jack on the phone, which I know a lot of you people are disappointed. But honestly, in 2020. I wasn’t expecting it in the flagship for now. What I was waiting in a flagship phone in 2020 is an IP rating or wireless charging, which the Realme 50 Pro does not have. 

Realme x 50 pro Display 

The display is a 90 Hertz AMOLED panel, and I haven’t faced any issues when it comes to speaking, it gets pretty bright. How do you store a problem and it’s overall a nice. I mean, UI feels gentle with 90 Hertz goodness.

The phone has worked on UI, and it’s the ad-free blow free kind, which is nice. The battery is a 4200MH, and while it isn’t extraordinary. it will last your day I mean I usually got a screen time of around four and a half hours which is decent because I had the phone always said 290 Hertz so yeah this battery life is pretty decent 

Connectivity of Realme x50 Pro

The connectivity the real me as 50 pro comes with 5g support, which is excellent but useless in India. There’s also dual-frequency GPS and dual SIM slot with no microSD, even if you’re wondering. The readme X recruiter does have voice-over Wi-Fi support. I mean, I’ve put in an air two SIM cards in the port. 

The phone has the voice of a Wi-Fi icon on the top anyway. It’s time for the word. Buy the real me X 50 pro or wait for the Oneplus 8. If you ask me honestly, I think the realme x50 Pro is a solid budget flagship. The trades when he specs excellent and premium build and design insanely fast charging are good software experience and decent battery life. It’s better than IQoo 3, but yeah, it’s not perfect to see the cameras aren’t anything special. The bigger problem with the x50 Pro is that on plus eight is rumored to be coming in March. 

The real me won’t disappoint, so that’s a word on the real me X 50 pro. But what do you think that was in the comment section below. Also, share this article your friends who have been confused about buying the X 50 pro


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